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When Your Life Is Not The Life You thought You Would Have.

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Many people are experiencing life in a manner far different than they had previously imagined. This reality shows up in each generation. Millennials (19812000), Generation X (1965-1980), Boomers (1946-1964) and Silent (1927-1945) have at least one thing in common: Life rarely goes exactly as planned, and quite often, not according to our imaginations either. Have you ever taken inventory of your life and found yourself astounded by what you found? Quite often people find themselves on career paths far different from their original intent. However, this phenomenon is deeper than that. There are other areas of life that reveal an obvious disconnect between our youthful imaginations and the reality of our mature circumstances. People often notice it in their marriages, health, and living situations as well. Rarely do those who start out with a pretty good childhood imagine themselves in disappointing careers, rocky marriages or failing health as adults. Yet it happens to many people.  However, to take a panoramic view, there are many people who, perhaps, because of their difficult childhoods, imagine the worst for their lives right from the beginning. Unfortunately, there are many people who easily believe good things only happen to other people. There are many reasons why people find themselves puzzled about the circumstances of their lives.
Life is dynamic! There are people who pinch themselves daily, because they are experiencing life at a level far beyond what they ever imagined to be realistically, possible for “someone like me.”  I will tell you, there have been times when I have been sitting in certain meetings, looked around the room at the powerful leaders in attendance, and had to shake myself to refocus on the matter at hand. Yet, there are other times when l look at my situation and I question myself:  “shouldn’t my situation be a lot better than this?” The answer is yes and no. I often refer back to one of my favorite scriptures, Proverbs 19:21 “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” This wisdom gives me balance. It reminds me that although I have plans and dreams about my life and my future, I am not the final determinant of the outcome of my intentions. It is healthy to realize that we don’t control how things turn out, but we absolutely control our efforts. Therefore, it is important for us to try to connect to our true purpose in life and pursue that. It feels like life is always trying to pull us toward our purpose regardless of what noble goal we may be attempting to pursue.


This is why it is not unusual to see people who are having tremendous success, take early retirements to pursue something totally different. They courageously pursue things they are passionate about.  Six Steps to Pursue Your Purpose 1. Decide to discover your purpose. Believe it or not, everyone is not interested in trying to discover their purpose. You have to make a decision to discover your purpose, because you have to be prepared to face the possibility that what you have been doing doesn’t line up with what you were made to do. Don’t let that discourage you. When you realize what your purpose is in life, your experiences will begin to make more sense. You will begin to learn why you have your particular personality, gifts, talents and proclivities. Let that encourage you to begin the discovery process.  2. Don’t be offended with where you are in life. It is not uncommon for us to be disappointed about where we are in life, particularly, when we may have had a vision to be in a more elevated status than we currently hold (most people experience this at some level). However, if you are going to pursue your purpose you need to understand that God is not surprised about what has occurred thus far in your life. He will use all your past and current situations and experiences to help you get to the place where you function best. Be encouraged to accept the reality of where you are as you develop your expectation for where you will be.  3. Cross reference your skills and passions to see how they fit together. Your journey has caused you to develop a special set of skills. You may not have an appreciation for your skills unless you can see their value. So, take an inventory of the skills you possess. Additionally, make a list of things you are passionate about. Lay out your lists side by side and see if you can discover how current skills fit or may fit the things you are passionate about.  4. Look to see how your experiences support your vision. As you revisit and develop the vision for your life, look for the ways in which your experiences inform or enhance what you see. Often times even your experiences that were clearly off track and even negative can be of tremendous value to supporting your positive vision.

For example, a person who developed diabetes due to a poor diet, but discovered their purpose in life was to be a
nutritionist, will be able to use that negative experience to fuel great support for their new pursuit.  5. Remember it is never too late to find your purpose in life. Be careful not to put an expiration date on figuring out your life. Each day you wake up it is as if you have won an election. Everyone who went to bed wanting another day didn’t wake up. So, where there is life there is hope. If God allowed you to wake up, He still has a purpose for you to fulfill. No day of life is wasted. Don’t let your age or past discourage you from going forward toward fulfillment of your purpose.  6. Begin the pursuit of your purpose. No matter how many ideas we share or how many good intentions we have, none of it matters if we don’t get started. Every great accomplishment has a beginning. It doesn’t always matter when you get started, but it is always critical that you get started. Even if you have to start with baby steps and learn along the way (which most of us have to do) get started and don’t look back. The greatest accomplishment you will achieve is the fulfillment of your purpose for living.
Living life is not always simple. Rarely is it without surprises, twists and turns that cause us to adjust, accommodate, and sometimes abandon our plans. However, these unpredictable experiences are not always inherently negative. I will admit, at times we are inconvenienced, but I believe all things are working together for our good. You can discover, pursue and fulfill your purpose in life. Trust the process and do your very best. No one can accomplish more than what is possible, but all of us have the potential to experience the impossible. Remember that sometimes we get an unexpected boost in life. You have to recognize it when it comes. The purpose for which you were born makes your life valuable.  You were born to solve a problem. Find out what it is, get started and don’t quit until you have fulfilled your mission. This is why you are here and it is a beautiful life for a beautiful person.
You can learn more about finding your purpose in life through my book series R.S.V.P. Receive Salvation and Validate Your Purpose: A Guide to Understanding and Accomplishing Your God-Reason for Living. I am also excited about my new book TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE: 10 Concepts to Consider, which will be released this summer. Stay tuned to my websites and social media outlets for launch dates.

I am a speaker, trainer and consultant. *KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Inspiring the Audience to embrace their charge. *WORKSHOP TRAINING: Effectively enhancing the skills of your staff. *CONSULTING SERVICES: Coaching and facilitating your planning and management efforts.

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