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V-Day Brunch

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Last month, my husband and I celebrated Valentine’s Day by enjoying a lovely brunch. After being married almost fifteen years with three kids and the holiday falling on a Wednesday, it was the only time he and I could fit in a moment just to be alone. We decided to try a place that I heard about from a friend in the area. She spoke very highly of it and the pictures she posted of her meal looked very appealing. After reviewing the menu and a few online reviews (because of course, that’s what we do these days before trying anything thanks to Google and Yelp), we decided that we would try a place called Milk & Honey Cafe. 

Based on their website, we learned that this cafe is very small, and due to the limited space can take a while before you can get a table. They are very direct and honest on their website and they told no lies. The bonus is that they are aware that so many people are eager to come in and try their food so they offer the option and highly recommend that you add your name to their waitlist. The No Wait App or the Yelp App are both options available for adding your name on their waitlist. My husband and I were thrilled with this option, because the website clearly stated that there definitely will be a wait and we figured it would be slightly worse since it was Valentine’s Day. Since we knew it was a small place we tried to time our visit so that we would miss the breakfast crowd, beat the lunch rush, and maybe not have to wait quite as long. We also kept in mind that we lived a good 35 minutes away from College Park, MD, which is very close to the restaurant, so we added our name to the waitlist just as we were leaving our house. We put the address into our GPS and started on our way. The waitlist app showed that we had about a 60 minute wait at that time.

The location is pretty hidden in the most random strip mall with no signage that would catch a newcomer’s eye. We know that area fairly well, but we still had to refer back to pictures on the internet to determine exactly where Milk & Honey was located. After circling around and realizing that it was actually in this awkward strip mall, we noticed that all the parking spaces were full and people were still sitting in the majority of the cars. At that point, we knew that we were at the right place because the website stated to wait in your vehicle until you received a text that your table was ready. We were definitely getting a little skeptical by the look of the area, lack of parking space, and poor signage, but decided to stick with our plan because this small, remote place was obviously quite popular. We parked, checked the app again, saw that there were 15 tables before us, and proceeded to wait at least another hour before we entered the cafe. 

Milk & Honey definitely did not disappoint! This is a Dive that should definitely be on Guy Fieri’s, from Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, next trip to Maryland. The outside resembles a large trailer or possibly the shape of an old trolley, but the inside reminded me of a gourmet version of a Waffle House. The dining room is sort of set around a very busy short-order kitchen. The quarters are very close and quaint, and there’s nothing really private about your eating space. It’s tight and it’s busy with no real flare except the wonderful food! The food was absolutely spectacular and delicious. From just a simple side order of cheese eggs to the sweet Strawberry Shortcake biscuits, every bite was scrumptious. Despite the wait and the warning that they were not very hospitable, the food came out rather quickly and our hostess was very nice, accurate, and friendly. There are little perks and no fancy silverware or table settings, but the food spoke for itself. My husband and I both tried the Lobster & Grits, which included a fried Maine lobster tail. After the long wait, we were absolutely starving so I also had the side of eggs and we shared the Strawberry Shortcake. Due to the close quarters, we also saw several other entrees pass by that looked worth trying just as much as our order. Pancakes, Lobster, Egg & Cheese Croissant, a Whole Pound of Fried Fish & Grits, Deep Fried Salmon Hash……we were in Brunch Heaven! Milk & Honey’s food is like a gourmet version of down home Southern-style breakfast food, but they are serving it quick and short-order style. It was a place that I wanted to tell the world about and come back to over the next couple of weeks just so I could try more of their deliciously, unique entrees of typical yet not-so-typical breakfast cuisine. Although worth the wait, unfortunately, I haven’t been back because I just don’t have that much time to wait to park, sit in my car for another 45 minutes, and then, finally eat a meal that is such a deliciously enjoyable and amazingly yummy plate of food.     

Milk&Honey Cafe, 10606 Baltimore Ave, Beltsville, MD 20705, 

Maya Bullock is an advocate of living a healthy lifestyle and supports all things that promote health, wellness and fitness. She has a B.S. in Kinesiology with a focus on Movement Science and a Dance Minor. She currently resides in Maryland with her husband and three amazing daughters.

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