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Train Up a Child

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I like to refer to myself as a lifelong learner in the pursuit of knowledge, grind-worthy notables, and sanity. Yes, honey sanity; sometimes I forget where I left it! I am constantly seeking ways to become a better woman, mother, and wife. During one of my most recent quests to seek improvement I reflected on a few conservations I had with my daughters, their friend and my friend; of course, these conversations took place while eating. They expressed their desire to show others how to garden, make healthy meals, and how to harvest a healthy organic garden. This came as no surprise, this trio is very compassionate, always discussing ways to: “save our world”, “help our planet” and “giving to those who are less fortunate”. Our girls are not only beautiful, they are strong, intelligent, crafty, artistic, and most of all, caring. Through their passion “Sewing Seeds” was born.  Their love for art, giving, eating, being outdoors and caring is the foundation of their organization. “Sewing Seeds” is about cultivating and harvesting food free from harmful chemicals and unwanted pharmaceuticals. In some of my previous articles I gave a few backstories as to how our daughter’s palates to some may seem strangely evolved and mature for their age, so I will not bore you guys with that again. Their love of food, eating healthy and giving back is what triggered the idea for Amirah, Aniyah & Giada’s company. The core mission of their company “Sewing Seeds” is to “Cultivate an Environment of Change one Seed at a Time”. Their goal is to purchase garden kits to donate to community gardens and shelters by raising money through the sales of merchandise that they design and produce. Additionally, throughout the year they will also be sponsoring fundraisers to support other causes they are passionate about such as their current mitten drive for children to keep little hands warm this winter.

Beyond the mission, purpose and goal of the company, the lessons these young women are learning are invaluable. The provocation of the level of responsibility, confidence, self-esteem and independence at such a young age is proving to be remarkable. Entrepreneurialship is achievable and should be encouraged at a young age. It promotes creativity, a tighter bond between parent and child, and creates an opportunity on how to manage money early on. These girls have a bright future ahead and they are learning that being a BOSS may take a little hard work but it can also be fun!

University of Michigan Alumni. Master’s in Business Administration and Health Care Management. Currently working on a Doctoral Degree in Health Administration. Samira is happily married, living in Texas with her husband and two beautiful twin daughters.

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