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The Life-Giver

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Woman. That intriguing mystery of gentleness, love, grace. The one who holds the gift of God’s redemptive love in the very fiber of her being. Woman. She is the ultimate life-giver.

Beneath fancy hair, pretty clothes, and a sexy sashay, lies a vessel whose depth cannot be measured. Often seen as the ‘weaker’ sex, she is strong in the ways that matter most. Her mind never stops processing as she looks for a way to add one more task to her already full plate. After all, she doesn’t want to let anyone down and there is always someone depending on her.  Her hands never stop working. From preparing meals to ironing clothes to writing papers to signing checks to offering a gentle touch upon a cheek, there is always something for her to do. She looks for one more way to fit it all in, rarely complaining.

Another woman knows why she cries without provocation. Often to men she’s just overly emotional. But it is rarely spoken how often her own needs go unmet, how lonely her heart feels, and how unappreciated she is, as those around her take from her without giving a moment’s thought what she might need. It’s always do for me, take care of me, love me, support me, be there for me…and she tries. Lord knows she does. She wants to help all of those around her be the best that they can be, even at the expense of herself. Inside, her heart screams “what about me? Do I matter?” In her rare quiet moments she laments to God asking, “Do I matter? Does what I need or want or how I feel matter to anyone other than me?”

Inside that beautiful woman, and yes she is beautiful…regardless of her outside aesthetics…is an intelligent person capable of solving many of this world’s problems singlehandedly….degrees not required. And please don’t miss my point. There is nothing wrong with having advanced education. There are just some things that cannot be taught. She’s a cheerleader, a coach, a teacher, a doctor, a counselor. She is a miracle-worker. She’s the keeper of time, the wiper of tears, the tender place to land when the harshness of this world hits too close to home. She is forgiveness. For how many times has her heart be broken, how many times has she been disappointed by the actions of others, how many times has she had to put herself back together from another’s careless words? Yet she still finds it within herself to offer another chance. A chance that far too often is perceived as a weakness. It’s not weakness. It is a strength that says, “I believe in the best of you. I believe there is more in you than the worst you have shown me of yourself. I am giving you another chance to show me.”

It is well known that inside a woman’s womb lies the ability to bring forth life. Did you know that she is a life-giver every single day? She has the capacity to bring forth life in her words, in her actions, in her deeds, in how she lives her life. In her mouth are the words that bring up another generation of the greatest vessels who will ever live. In her tender touch is the ability to transfer a message of love, the very essence of life. In her smile she urges life to continue, offering encouragement to one who wants to give up. In her tears, is the cleansing balm needed to soothe a weary soul. In her hug, is the healing that is longed for from a life of too many hurts.  In her eyes, is the silent message telling that one to keep going. 

Celebrate the gift of life that exists all around you. This is a twofold message. One to those who have taken for granted the gift of life they have been given by the amazing, wonderful, strong and tender women around them. Look in the eyes of that woman and, possibly for the first time, truly see her. See the depth of her love. See the tenderness of her heart. See how the actions and words of others hurt her…and vow to do better. Honor this chosen vessel as the blessing she is in your life. And never let her forget how important and special and valued she is.

This is also to the women who need a reminder who and what they are. A reminder whose they are. If the woes of this life have gotten so deep inside that as a woman you’ve forgotten who you are, then let this serve as a gentle reminder to claim all that is you. Your softness is not a weakness. Your love is not a curse. Your care is not a liability. You are a unique example of God’s amazing love and tenderness. You are a gift. A beautiful, exquisite gift to mankind. Embrace all that you are and choose to give life into every situation, into every circumstance. Your efforts are not in vain.

Changing lives one word at a time…Tumika Patrice Cain


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