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The Fresh Chef – Mexican Lettuce Wraps

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As a nutrition coach, I am faced with this question daily from my clients, is it bad to eat bread?  This is not a simple question.  There are lots of diets out there that tell you if you want to lose weight, cut out carbs.  (Like the Paleo diet, Atkins and South Beach) However, from medical research and discussions with top doctors and surgeons, the best answer is not to eliminate them completely. However, we should drastically reduce the amount of refined processed carbs.


Eating too many processed, refined carbs will overload your system with potential energy it can’t use and thus this makes you fat!  What your body cannot use as energy, it will store it as fat.  Processed carbs can make your blood sugar levels abruptly spike up and then fall, which leaves you feeling hungry and leads to overeating and obesity.  A diet high in refined carbohydrates is associated with an increased caloric intake.


Doctors are not suggesting that you completely eliminate all carbs from your diet.  But they do suggest that we need to cut back on processed carbs like: white bread, crackers, pretzels, pizza, pasta, cookies, donuts, cake and candy.


For the best nutrition and a lean body, we should focus our intake on healthy carbs like vegetables, fruit and whole grains like oatmeal, brown rice, beans and quinoa.


In order to cut back on my bread intake, I frequently eat “lettuce wraps” for my lunch.  Let’s compare the calories in my “Fresh Chef Mexican Lettuce Wrap” compared to a Burrito wrap at Chipotle restaurant.



Chipotle Burrito Wrap

Food:                                                             Calories:

Flour Tortilla                                                300

Chicken                                                          180

Rice                                                                210

Black Beans                                                  120

Salsa                                                               25

Sour Cream                                                  115

Cheese                                                           100

Guacamole                                                   230

Lettuce                                                          5

Total Calories:                                      1,285



Fresh Chef – Mexican Lettuce Wrap

Food:                                                             Calories:

3 large Romaine Lettuce Leaves             15

3 ounces Chopped Chicken Breast        90

½ cup Black Beans  (canned)                110

1 cup shredded cabbage/carrots           22

1 cup chopped veggies                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          (Onion, Tomatoes, Cilantro)                  25

6 olives                                                        40

2 tbsp. Jalapenos                                        5

3 tbsp. Salsa                                                12

Total Calories                                       319



Fill the 3 Romaine Lettuce leaves with the diced cooked chicken breast, cooked black beans (from a can is fine), shredded cabbage and carrots (I usually use cole slaw mix from a bag), sprinkle with chopped veggies, olives, jalapenos and salsa.


As you can see from my recipe version of the Mexican wrap, you can save yourself 966 calories, by using lettuce as the wrap instead of a flour tortilla and making some other minor substitutions.  I can do the same thing with all of my sandwiches.  I fill lettuce leaves with tuna fish, turkey and cheese, or whatever you have a taste for. I am not saying you can never have a piece of bread, but if you are trying to watch your weight or better yet lose weight, I would suggest you eat the lettuce wraps as a great substitute to cut back on calories.

Kimberly Perry is a Lifestyle Blogger with over 1 million views!  Kimberly is a Certified Wellness Coach -C.W.C. , that is dedicated to promoting healthy products that help you to live your best life. Kimberly is an Award Winning Book Author, Inspirational Artist, and Magazine Publisher. She is an NBA Basketball wife, happily married for over 30 years with one daughter. Kimberly attended Michigan State University with a Bachelors in Mass Media Communications, she is a Licensed Esthetician and a Graduate of Heal Yourself Institute where she learned natural remedies for wholistic healing.

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