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The Etiquette of What to Wear to Fall/Winter Holiday Parties and Events

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The fun holidays are just around the corner and with holidays there is a long series of parties and festive events held by companies and workplaces. Some of these parties are common events, held in day time while some others are elaborated and formal night events. This is just the right time to update your wardrobe with the outfit styles which are not only fashionable and fun to wear but are work appropriate too. Here we share some of the important etiquettes and outfit ideas which will make it easier for you to decide what to wear to the upcoming holiday events.

Be Fashion Forward With Grace:

It’s the fun holiday event so you are supposed to look dressier and prettier than routine work attire but still doesn’t mean to go off board. Usually, if it’s an office party taking place during working hours, you need to know and stick to the dress code. But if it’s party after working hours, you can be a bit relaxed about the dress code but still the trickiest part is to maintain a balance between the professional and fun attire.

The elegant party dresses are the best option to wear on such occasions, but you can also opt to wear pants in a fashionable style. The wrap dress, the midi skirts that hit just below the knees with an appropriate neckline are great ideas for the base of the look and you can make it look more festive by adding holiday themed statement jewelry and other accessories. The flared pants or wide legged bottoms also look gorgeous at such events and you can pair it up with a cropped top. You must not overlook the selection of outerwear as the proper layering to the outfit means a lot. You can select something lightweight and festive to add in form of coat or a colorful shawl has flair of festivity as well. The dress cuts must be elegant and sophisticated, such as the higher neckline looks extremely flattering and makes you look professional and you can add sparkle in the form of statement necklace or earring.


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The fall/ winter parties mean getting exposed to the chilling wind at night or the weather can be bit unpredictable at times, therefore the outerwear must be carefully selected. The too much casual jacket style can actually ruin the whole formal party look. You can get a classic outerwear such as a vintage trench coat, faux fur coat or classic leopard print jacket to look extremely classy the moment you enter the venue. The vibrant red long coat can also look fabulous and trendy over your attire.

 Designer Cedi Johnson, The Cedi Collection

Be Punctual and Professional:

You must be careful about the timing of the party. Punctuality gives out a strong hidden message about your overall attitude towards your work. Plan and try to arrive on time and leave a little before time to elevate your professional image. You whole look must reflect the gorgeousness yet the professionalism. You can reflect a deep sense of fashion and style in the form of design and color, but don’t cross the borders in the form of cuts or shape. Don’t opt for the too deep neckline, too sheer fabric or too short hemline.

Happy Holidays!

Alison Vaughn is Founder and CEO of Jackets for Jobs, Inc., a nonprofit that has provided employment etiquette, career skills training and professional attire to 20,000 jobseekers since 2000. In 2013, Jackets for Jobs opened an office in Botswana (Africa). Vaughn represented the organization on the NASDAQ floor where she rang the closing bell in 2006 and 2014. Vaughn is a Goldman Sachs Scholar, a graduate of the investment firm’s 10,000 Small Businesses Program. She is one of Martha Stewart’s “Dreamers into Doers,” a group of entrepreneurs who turned their dreams into reality.

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