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The Black Athlete Documentary

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Recall “The Black Athlete”, a novel written by John D. White, telling a story through the eyes of a kid from the hood. A kid who is just trying to make it out of his current reality and into a better life. RJ Watkins is a character you will easily sympathize with as you travel with him on his journey to escape poverty and the familiar perils that so many young people, growing up in our urban areas, face today.

Our award winning book author, JD, has been busy ever since the release of his inspiring story of this young boy. Selling branded T-Shirts and hoodies; sponsoring travel basketball teams; and now, putting together a Black Athlete documentary.

Chapter 1 of “The Black Athlete Docuseries” was published on Youtube, on February 26th, taking viewers behind the inspiration for John’s novel. In this 12 minute video, John D. takes a drive down memory lane, to the neighborhood he grew up in, on the west side of Detroit. There we look at what inspired the events in the book, and even take a look at “the brown, two bedroom bungalow” that RJ Watkins was said to reside in, in the book. 

So take 12 minutes, and check out John D. White’s first chapter of his documentary, below. If you haven’t had a chance to read the book we highlighted in our Book Awards, you’ll also find a link to John’s website, so that you can order a copy, right away!

“The beauty of the Black Athlete, everybody had they own story. So a kid in Texas, a kid in Detroit, a kid in Mississippi, you know, I think the only difference is just their environment or the city their from. But at the end of the day, you’re still a black athlete, you still have to deal with the realities of being a black athlete…” 


For a copy of the book, go to this link:—the-brand.html

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