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Summertime Grind

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Summer, Summer, Summertime. Time to sit back and unwind!… or not? The Fresh Prince made it seem a lot easier in his music video didn’t he? It’s about that time when kids are getting out of school, college students are coming home, and the rest, well, they get to keep working. Of course, we all love Summer! The trees are green, the sky is blue, the sun is out, and the grills and neighborhood swimming pools are waiting to be used. However, the warm weather isn’t going to slow down the grind that we all have to go through. Employed workers are looking to get ahead in their work to make more time for family vacations. The unemployed are looking for that new, big job to propel them into next season, and athletes have to work on their craft 5-6 times a week so they do not get left behind by their competitors. 

The funny thing about Summer, for me, is that NOT doing anything feels wrong. After being so busy, day in and day out, it’s hard to transition into a vacation, sitting by some water with a mimosa. It makes you feel unproductive, right? Or like you’re forgetting to do something. With that being said, I’m here to tell you that there’s always something to do… even if that’s doing nothing.

Summer is a time of rebirth. After a hectic couple seasons of the cold, ice, and hard, hard work, it’s time to, as Vince Vaughn said it, recharge the batteries, shut down the engines, and get yourself back to neutral (for my Wedding Crashers fans). That takes a little bit of time to do! So although the Summertime grind is a great opportunity for everyone to get a leg up on whatever type of competition they face, it’s also the perfect opportunity to sit back and unwind. 

Hop in your car, roll your windows down, and throw on that Summertime. Yeah, this season is definitely a grind, so stay locked in and focused on what you have to do during each week. However, don’t forget to give your body and mind some to time to relax and recharge. Because during the Summer, there IS an air of love and of happiness, and this is TP’s new definition of Summer madness. (;


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