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Summer Sanity

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Staying sane while staying home with the kids this summer may be a bit trying. My daughters have been out of school for three weeks and I’ve already taken a few mommy time outs as well as been on the verge of pulling my hair out a few times. I thought about last year and tried to remember if my girls were this restless; honestly I remember saying the summer went by too quickly so I don’t know what the difference is this year besides an additional week. Now that I think about it, they’re almost a year older, that may be the cause of the significance difference. Last year between tons of pool time and vacation it seemed as thought the girls were back in school in a wink. This year they got out a week before all of their friends and were questioning when we were leaving for vacation immediately after their awards ceremony. They have ants in their pants and they are constantly on ten. Coming up with ideas is a necessity and staying within budget is a must.

This crafty mom begins to get the wheels spinning because our usual outings of lunch and movies just weren’t cutting it. After a few trips to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s I was stocked with enough supplies to get us through the first few weeks of June. Here’s what I’ve stocked my croffice (my craft room/office) with:

lemonade stand

•A ready to color and assemble lemonade stand.

•Unicorn headbands: Pink glitter paper, plastic headbands, corks, floral embellishments, glitter, mod podge, dyed sea shells, and a glue gun.


•Troll headbands: plastic headbands, tulle, foam glitter stickers, and a glue gun.

headbands 2

•Loopdeloom from Zulily and yarn from Hobby Lobby for the girls to knit their American Girl dolls a blanket.
•Old leggings to make an American Girl doll mermaid tail. (YouTube American Girl Doll channel)

•White T-shirts for both the girls and their dolls to make matching T’s.

With pool time, play dates, and spontaneous activities, I think we may be covered until vacation time. I will follow up with road trip tips, vacation planning, and boredom busters.

University of Michigan Alumni. Master’s in Business Administration and Health Care Management. Currently working on a Doctoral Degree in Health Administration. Samira is happily married, living in Texas with her husband and two beautiful twin daughters.

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