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Some Say Home is Where the Heart Is

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Some say a home is where the heart is; but I relate more to the idea that home is where your husband is. I would follow him anywhere, and I do. I have always loved creating healing places for our family to reside in. My husband says that it is so cool how I have effortlessly made every house we have ever lived in, a HOME. He says it is one of my special gifts. I believe it is a gift that is in each of us. Our three children always appreciated the spaces I created especially for them, and they loved having their friends over regularly. Although my husband and I are “empty nesters”, I still have them in mind when creating our HOME. Let me share a few things to tap into in order to unleash your inner healer, and make your family feel special.

Healthy, Organic, Mindful, and Environment, are some main ingredients. A few other staples I use in every home I have made are; fresh paint, new rugs, pillows, blankets, curtains, fresh flowers, plants, and doing everything with a prayerful and loving intension.

It may sound cliché, but without our health, we have nothing. Making time to exercise, breathe fresh air, and drinking plenty of water helps to up our enjoyment quotient. My exercise preference of choice continues to be yoga. It nurtures body, mind, and spirit. I try to practice regularly, and I enjoy teaching, and training others who are interested in teaching or deepening their practice. Yes, a nice glass of wine certainly has a place in the mix!

I have always advocated for a balanced, organic diet. It makes a difference in how we feel, and contributes to our health. Never been a fan of fad diets, and I still like to indulge myself with a luscious chocolate brownie from time to time! Everything in moderation is a good guideline to follow. Organic is not limited to food, it is also about creating a home that is true/authentic to you!

Being mindful to me means being aware of my surroundings, and staying in tune with the needs and feelings of those around me, especially my family. By anticipating what those we love need, and doing it without asking, is a winning recipe for any relationship. Perhaps, most important is being aware of who we are in the grand scheme of things. I know that I am a child of the Most High God, and He is always first place in our home. He is the connection that makes everything else flow. We are to love one another as He loves us. His love is the “secret sauce.”

Keep the environment as simple as possible, and the flow of the rooms easily accessible. Of course, make sure all your family members have their favorite furniture in every home you live in or move to. Keep it familiar to them, but still unique. Then splash your style around the house. Create fun areas for everybody to play, eat, watch movies, rest, laugh and love.

A HOME truly is where your heart is…and my heart is always with my husband no matter where in the world we live. The three of us are a great team! Three? God, my honey, and me. I wish you all that same peace as you create your home wherever you may be.

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