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The saying “Happy Wife, Happy Life” instantly directs the thought to one’s spouse.  Did you know that a Happy Mom equates to happy children, a healthy family, a happy spouse and a positive female role model?  At the end of this article we will take a self-inventory and see how the happy scale measures up.  For now, let’s get into the heart of what I mean by this.  Last month I challenged you to “30 days of Yes to You”! There was a reason for that, of course to take some time for you and see if you actually had the heart to do it.  Even more so because it aligns with my theory of “radiated glow”.  My definition radiated glow means to experience a feeling of well-being or happiness extending from good health or an intense emotion that is arranged in a common center, when released it glows and spreads like a virus.


Have you ever noticed how you dress when you are happy?  Are you more prone to wearing more colorful clothing, putting on a little make up, or combing your hair differently?  What types of food you buy at the market or lunch do you eat when you are happy? Are the foods more colorful and healthy?    What about the activities you engage in with your children and husband when you are happy?  Are you up for the sporadic bike ride or staying up late with your spouse to watch one of their favorite shows?  The sun tends to just shine even when it’s gray and cloudy outside.  How is that possible, you might ask? The weather report does not dictate the climate in your home.

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Happiness is not a bunch of materialistic things packaged up with a pretty bow on them.  Nor is it a destination.  You have to choose for it to be a lifestyle.  Honestly, everyday can and will not be unicorns and rainbows but it is definitely worth shooting for bubbles, right?  Aren’t you and your family worth it?  Everyday this month for the challenge, I have allowed myself to sit down for at least a half hour, after homework is done and before I begin dinner.  My thought is that if I don’t squeeze anything else out of the day for myself, at least I’ve done that; and it gives me enough mojo to push forward with patience and sometimes a smile on my face.  Mothers are labeled as the nurturers, care givers, mechanics who keeps the engines running, central command, doctors, and CEO’s because we do it all!  Multi-tasking is our middle name!


Think of the mind set you have while you are multi-tasking and those around you while you are doing it.  Are you curt, irritated, tuned out, tired, or just down right frustrated because you feel the weight of the world rest on your shoulders?  If you answered yes, think about how your children feel and act when they are not around you.  Everything you display in front of them, they display in front of others.  Your exhaustion, irritation, frustration with your spouse, anger with your job, etc. radiates through your home and through your children.  Not only does it affect their attitude but their health and it will affect their psychosocial well-being as an adult.  Often times we feel the consistency is better so we don’t make changes, but the depression and long-lasting effects are worse.  We are not given more than we can bear, and complaining nor having a bad attitude about it never makes it better.  Instead, the colors in your home become dull and gloomy.  Your basket at the market is filled with unhealthy and over-processed foods because your mind tells you that there’s not enough time to cook dinner.  You take less interest in your own appearance because you feel as though your colleagues are not worth it or you are too pressed from time to do more.

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Are you stuck in that rut?  If so I guess you want to know how to get out of it?  There’s no one simple way to do so or one solution fits all; but saying yes to yourself is definitely a great start.  Are you on the fence, don’t know where you stand?  Next time you go to the market record what you bring home.  At the end of the week, write down all of the activities you engaged in with your children and anything you did with your spouse.  Finally, take inventory of what you have done for yourself, even if it’s as simple as taking time out for a bubble bath.  Noting, there will never be balance, but including things that takes care of you helps you get closer to your happy place so you can radiate more of that glow.

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