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The Well at Jordan’s Farm

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(Reservations Strongly Recommended/Dinner Service Only)


When in Maine, lobster rules, right? Not so fast. Portland is ranked one of the top culinary cities in America, undoubtedly due in no small part to the under-the-radar restaurant gem The Well at Jordan’s Farm in nearby Cape Elizabeth. 

Proprietor and Executive Chef Jason Williams took an impressive and storied culinary journey before settling in Maine and establishing The Well at Jordan’s Farm in 2010. He was invited to open his trailer-operated kitchen by the third-generation Jordan family after building a report with them when he visited their farm to hand select fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits for another restaurant. 

A 1998 graduate of the esteemed Culinary Institute of America, he predicted the eventual decline of chain restaurant menus and the rise in popularity of eateries featuring freshly picked, caught, churned, cultivated, and busheled cuisine. 


(Chef Jason Williams loves doing what he does best!)

“I was tired of creating a stale menu and following the same routine of sourcing ingredients from several different vendors,” says Williams. “I wanted to keep it simple and use what resources I had around me that allowed me to create menus that are approachable for every palate, not just foodies or gourmets. Everyone has the chance to experience local flavors.”  

The farm-to-table practice is not a new concept; in fact, Williams was keen to follow in the footsteps of other restauranteurs by forging, maintaining, and advancing long lasting relationships with local purveyors. By creating a community of and procuring from vendors dedicated to their products and crafts, he honors his prevailing philosophy of inviting diners to enjoy seasonal dishes reflective of the Portland region. The best part: over 60% of ingredients used daily are sourced within arm’s reach right there on Jordan’s farm.

Most will agree that, even if the dishes are phenomenal, ambience and service set the table for a memorable dining experience. The Well at Jordan’s Farm does not disappoint. Diners may opt to sit at a four-seat countertop overlooking the always busy kitchen, sit outdoors at picnic style tables dotted throughout the farm, or gather with friends in netted, candle-lit gazebos perfect for intimate settings. The 122-acre farm also boasts gardens featuring a vast array of flowers, which are available for picking by guests for just a few bucks. 

Hot, artisan bread is served with freshly churned butter to start the evening. Although seafood dishes are expected staples on the menu, some of the more popular items hail from land, including marinated and wood-grilled chicken, leg of lamb, and beef. Accompaniments like sautéed kale, smashed red potatoes, and corn pudding made from sea salt kissed ears are all gathered from the farm daily before dinner service. 

When given advance notice, the chef will accommodate guests with dietary restrictions or food allergies, are vegetarian or vegan. There is one recipe, however, that will never be altered. 


(The Well’s only dessert – their Brioche donuts)

“Our only dessert is a Brioche donut, deep fried to order, served with fresh fruit and whipped cream, then dusted with sugar,” Williams laughs. “It’s been on the menu since we opened and I’m pretty sure our guests wouldn’t be happy if we changed it up.”

The Well at Jordan’s Farm takes the farm-to-table dining experience to a new – and literal – level of excellence. The restaurant operates dinner service only from June until September. BYOB, reservations are strongly recommended.


Gabe Souza/Staff Photographer: The Well, at Jordan Farm in Cape Elizabeth, photographed Wednesday, August 29, 2012, for Dine Out Maine.


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