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Outstanding Business Award – Asalyn Coachman

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Fresh Lifestyle Magazine is proud to celebrate, encourage and inspire women in business.  This month we are honored to announce that Asalyn Coachman from Financial Architects, Inc. is our Award Recipient.  Asalyn’s outstanding contributions are in the arena of : financial planning services, including individual, family and business planning, asset management, insurance, estate planning, corporate retirement planning and pension plan analysis.

We were very impressed with Asalyn’s services, and the products she offers.  Her strategies are custom-engineered to build wealth and minimize risk – all while allowing you to maintain your existing lifestyle.  She works closely with each client to provide a blueprint for life planning, based on precision, verifiable metrics and economic principles.  Financial Architects, Inc. was established 32 years ago and their two founders have worked to grow the firm to a team of 30 advisors and support team members with thousands of clients across the country.

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I asked Asalyn, why did she choose to go into this competitive industry of financial planning?  She stated:

“In many ways I feel like this industry chose me. After graduating with a degree in economics and then graduating from law school I took time off from a career to raise our two children. As they grew into middle school age I found I needed to engage my brain outside of the home and started assisting a local financial planner. Soon after getting all of my financial licenses, the founder of Financial Architects asked me to become part of his team. Since my husband and I had been clients of Financial Architects for 12 years at the time, it was an easy decision. I knew the value the firm had brought to our lives and was eager to be able to now sit on the other side of the table and do the same for others.”

Financial Architects, Inc. demographics include professionals and business owners. Most clients make at least $159,000 a year, putting them in the top 5% of household incomes, but even if incomes are not yet at that level it is the client’s mindset that is most important. Asalyn works with people who are serious about their money and are open to new approaches and new money strategies based on economic principles, not products. People who have the time to learn about how money works and understand that designing a plan for them is a process, not an overnight sensation. Her clients want more wealth with less risk and want to achieve that no matter what challenges life will bring. Asalyn will show you how to be more efficient with your money so you can build as much wealth as possible!

Asalyn Coachman believes that people while well intended, often make money decisions that will give them a result that is the opposite of what they want. Decisions today can cause their money in the future to be transferred away to financial institutions, corporations, and the government, leaving them with less money. The way to avoid these unintended consequences is to coordinate all money decision to achieve maximum efficiency. Through a process of Macro Financial Planning, Asalyn helps clients get closer to their maximum financial potential, meaning they have more money to spend, and less financial risk.

Working with couples and business owners, she also has extensive experience working with single professional women and her article, Working with Single Women, was recently published in Advisor Today. She was featured in 2015 as a top female financial professional by Ohio National Life Insurance Company and serves on an Ohio National Advisory panel focused on reaching out to women. In January 2017 she spoke to 350 financial advisors at an industry conference about planning strategies for single clients, particularly women.

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Asalyn earned a degree in Economics from Harvard University and a law degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo. She lives in Lake Orion with her husband and two children where she is active in organizations such as the Harvard Club of Eastern Michigan, Lake Orion Schools, and the Baldwin Center of Pontiac, Michigan, where she serves as board president.

The Fresh Lifestyle Magazine Outstanding Business Award – celebrates individuals who have truly excelled, not only in their professional lives, but as leaders and role models. While many of our Award Recipients come from different industries and walks of life, they share several traits — a strong sense of self, a success-driven work ethic and the extraordinary accomplishments to show for it. Their commitment, vision and talents make them true leaders in their chosen fields.  Congratulations again to Asalyn Coachman for your dedication, commitment and service to helping other’s succeed in finances and in life!


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Asalyn Coachman is a Registered Representative of and offers securities through The O.N. Equity Sales Company, Member FINRA/SIPC, 39395 W Twelve Mile Rd., Ste 102 Farmington Hills, MI 48331 (248) 482-3600.  Investment Advisory Services offered through O.N. Investment Management Company and FAI Advisors, Inc.  Financial Architects, Inc. and FAI Advisors, Inc. are not subsidiaries or affiliates of The O.N. Equity Sales Company or O.N. Investment Management Company.

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