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Our Environment Affects Our Attitude

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The environment around us affects our attitude, both mental and physical.   Take a moment to think about who and what you are surrounding yourself with.  Do the things you look at daily lift you, or bring you down?  What about the people influencing your life?  Are they your cheerleaders or do their attitudes suck energy away?

As the director for Dec My Room Cleveland (Ohio), I see the impact of our environment on a regular basis.   The mission of Dec My Room is to create a healing environment for children and young adults admitted into the hospital for 3 consecutive weeks or longer.  These children are typically very sick, scared, and want to go home and get back to their normal lives.  It is not difficult to imagine how the white, sterile, and cold environment of a hospital negatively impacts the attitude of these kids, and subsequently their ability to be an active participant in their own healing.

colorful room 2

The activities of Dec My Room volunteers help create an environment more conducive to healing, and for the kids experiencing an extended hospital stay, to feel better.  We surround them with their favorite interests, hobbies, characters, colors, and themes.  For good reason, the hospital environment needs to be sterile.  However we “splash love” around that room while keeping within the hospital guidelines.

Over the past 10 years Dec My Room has shown that a patient’s hospital room environment has a positive effect on the healing process.  Their attitudes are lifted, and they want to get out of bed and play with their toys, engage in their hobbies, etc.  The hospital staff and patient’s family are positively affected by the change in environment as well.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Visit http://www.decmyroom.org/ to see for yourself how a seemingly small thing such as adding some color and smiles are impacting lives.

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If upgrading environment and subsequently attitude is a true tonic for medically fragile children and young adults, then it most certainly should be the same for you and me.  Keep your attitude LIFTED, create a healing environment with your special likes, interests, colors, etc.  Life is too precious to be surrounded by people or things that don’t boost your attitude.

Surround yourself with the 6 senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and intuition) that bring YOU joy, peace, and love.  You deserve it!

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