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Morgan’s Musings – Quiet Transformation

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Simply and beautifully, the Universe…The One….speaks to each of us.  Usually softly, and often it goes unheard, but it’s a conversation, not a lecture, and just as when we speak with friends or family, we need to be listening, need to be participating in the conversation.  Particularly if we seek to find answers, inspire change, or hope for renewal; otherwise, if we ignore the speaker, the conversation ends. In this glorious season of change, when the colours of the Earth are transforming and nature finds rest, perhaps we too should pause, breathe deep, and open our thoughts to the conversation around us. We might be surprised by what we hear.


Soft the Hours pass in Quiet Transformation,
Stealing Eternity from the sweeping Heavens
To Spin Golden Contentment upon my Cheek and Heart.

Whispers filled with Truth and Hope
Rain down from All that Loves and Cares
To Weave Luxurious Tapestries of Silken Threads
That Clothe my every fear with Tender Assurance.

In the Hush of Gentle Tranquility,
Where Gossamer Peace Sighs Serenely down,
Reaching from Heaven to Caress my Soul;
I Linger in Breathless Adoration
Filled beyond Purest Pleasure.







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Cynthia A. Morgan is the creator of the mythical realm of Jyndari and author of the epic YA fantasy Dark Fey Trilogy. The story shares the inspiration of positive hope; the resilience of love, and the power of forgiveness through a tale that is rich with beauty and horror alike. Recipient of numerous 5-Star reviews, included Reader’s Favorite, it has also been awarded the 2016 New Apple Award for excellence in fantasy. With an average Amazon rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 stars, Dark Fey transports readers into a realm of light and dark, hope and fear. Based in part on the true life events of the Lords Resistance Army, the story has ties to our own reality and shares the inspiration: The only way to Achieve Peace is to Become Peace.

Morgan is also the author of the popular blog “Booknvolume” where her ever-increasing number of followers are regularly treated to Morgan’s own brand of poetry, English Sonnets, and musings about life. Some of her other interests includes a deep love for animals and the environment. She is passionate about music and theatre; is frequently heard laughing; finds the mysteries of ancient times, spirituality, and the possibilities of life elsewhere in the cosmos intriguing. Morgan Believes in the power of Love, Hope and Forgiveness, all of which is reflected in her lyrically elegant writing style.

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