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Lashes, lashes and more lashes!!

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Over the last 10 years the beauty industry has evolved by leaps and bounds; our choices can be mind boggling.  Well, let’s talk lashes… the search for lush thick lashes can range from mascara, lash perms, strips, extensions and now magnetic lashes.   Yes, magnetic!  As the owner of a lash and brow studio over the years I’ve seen and researched many types and brands, as the lash industry has exploded so I just couldn’t resist.  My first exposure to the world of magnetic lashes is with – ONE TWO Lashes. This company claims they are “the world’s first magnetic lashes”.  I was so excited to try this new product and concept; the price point was a bit high but the packaging was quite high end for what I will call accent lashes.   Using micro-technology they lock from the top and bottom of the outer lash.  I was pleasantly surprised how light they were but it took quite a few tries to get them on.   In my opinion put your full face of makeup on first including mascara then these lashes are much easier to apply.

Hey, it’s all about choices… I like that they are light weight and glue-free, so if what you’re looking for is just a little extra on the end of your lashes then ONE TWO is for you.  But a warning is  be very careful taking them off they are delicate and easy to shred. I destroyed my first pair.

Within the last few months I have discovered a few off-brands of full magnetic lashes with less impressive packaging but much cheaper price point, some are fuller and some are a bit thin?  But the bottom line is we have options from accent demi-lashes to full strip magnetic lashes.  Here’s my recommend: they are a nice alternative for those lash divas that may be uncomfortable with using adhesives around the eye due to allergies or sensitivities.  Magnetic lashes take some practice putting on and taking them off.  So hey it’s all about choices, we have multiple BB (beauty or blemish) creams, blushes and lipsticks to peruse up and down our local makeup departments; now we have one more option for lash lovers.

Leisa Traylor is the owner of Flutter Eyelash Boutique. She is a marketing consultant, a licensed esthetician and is certified in the following areas: lash extension expert, spray tanning, brow extensions and volume lash expert.

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