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The world of lashes has skyrocketed over the last 2 years with the explosion of Lash Extensions, but if you’re confused and bewildered let me help.

When I do my consultations with clients, the first question I ask is what is your goal?

Are you just looking for vacation lashes?  Do you have a special event like a wedding or black-tie event? Or are you attempting to build lashes because of medical reasons, for example you may have lost lashes? Or is the goal everyday enhancement and glamour?

Lash extensions are recommended for the everyday ease and enhancement but you must commit to a regular fill appointment every 2 to 3 weeks.  The initial appointment  is approximately 2 hours for a full set of extensions. Our goal is to cover every lash with a lash, with the extensions we may customize your look to be a natural or glam as you like .  The lash extensions come in many different lengths, curls and volumes,  I’m frequently asked “Are lash extensions damaging to the natural lash” and my response is not if the correct weight is used in your application of the extensions.  If the lash used is too heavy of thick it could cause breakage of your natural lash.    The extensions are also very versatile you can even swim in them.

If your goal is a special event, getting married or going on vacation, I would recommend the Flair lashes.  Flairs are individual clusters, these lashes last about one week and can easily be taken off at home with any oily substance.   Flairs come in short, medium or long.  They are very easy and quick to apply and the price point is only $25 which makes this choice very affordable for just about everyone.

If your goal is to fill gaps on your lashes, I would suggest V Lashes.  V’s are a silk lash that is applied in an interlocking system and is great for filling gaps from alopecia or any medical related issue.   This lash is very light and feathery, the price point may vary from $50 to $65.

Another Hot new service are eyebrow extensions! Yes…

We now can bond one lash on one lash to build thicker eyebrows, cover a scar or just add where you may have over tweezed throughout the years.

So gorgeous,  you’ve got many choices to enhance your looks at many price points.  At my lash and brow studio in downtown Ferndale I always suggest a consultation first for those that just don’t know what really fits their lifestyle.


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