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Some of you may be in the dark about what Monsanto and the government have been up to; if you are it’s horrible and detrimental to our health.  Without going into great detail, it’s truly only half of what this article is about, you can learn more by visiting However, you should be concerned about everything from transglutaminase aka. meat glue to the 30 millions pounds of brain-damaging pesticides that will be used in the next five years (EWG, 2018). Meat glue is a coagulant that makes the blood clot and can also be made from the bacteria of other animals causing food poisoning if the meat is prepared anything under medium well. Food poisoning is a serious problem in the US. According to US CDC estimates anywhere between 6 to 81 million Americans contract food borne illnesses each year, and food poisoning claims up to 9,000 lives annually (Mercola, 2018). Meat glue (that is banned in Europe and other countries) essentially because it melts the tendons/ fat to make several small pieces into one prime cut; imagine what it does inside your if you consume too much. the issue of contamination with hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides. As much as 70 percent of all antibiotics used in the U.S. are for animals, primarily to serve as growth enhancers. The excessive use of antibiotics in agriculture is the primary reason for the rampant increase in antibiotic-resistant disease in humans (Mercola, 2018).  

So why am I telling you all of this? I care about my family’s health and yours!  It’s time to get educated on which produce should be purchased organically. It’s time to get back in the markets and do your own shopping.  It’s time to re-invest in back in your health. Most importantly, it’s time to get back in the kitchen and prepare your own meals. For busy families, the great thing is that you can grocery shop online while at work and pick your items up while in route home.  Technology has made things so easy for us that the only question left is “What should I cook?”  Guess what! Kidchen’s got you covered. If you have children, they can learn how to cook nutritious meals for you and the family! Enroll your child into Kidchen’s 3-course Cooking Series and they will learn how to become the master chef of the house. Kidchen knows and appreciates that parent’s are busy and family time is limited. Teaching little ones how to cook and try new things can be time consuming and difficult. Kidchen will teach your child kitchen safety and the skills they need to prepare appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Kidchen emphasizes nutrition, encourages tossing the nugget & fries meal aside, and replaces it with fun healthy meals your child will love to eat and prepare!  Kidchen is designed to have a five chef  maximum per class so that each child is able to receive individualized attention. Kidchen’s 3-course series will take place over the duration of  three Saturdays. Kidchen is also offering classes for homeschoolers, which will be three days a week as well. 

Kidchen was born out of necessity, the food 1970’s babies grew up eating is not the same food that is being made available to us today. Fast food and processed foods are laden with chemicals known to cause latent diseases which makes it necessary to teach children how to eat and make healthy decisions. Kidchen teaches children that the kitchen can be an outlet for creativity as it engages them in the preparation of food and empowers them to make more conscious decisions about what they eat. Kidchen explores ways to creatively cultivate a welcoming approach to integrating children and food so their minds and mouths are open to new tastes, cultures, and attitudes towards all types of cuisine.

Children who cook are children who taste.

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