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“Just Jackie” the show featuring Nicci Bates

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I had the pleasure of interviewing an awesome, insightful actress and producer. Nicci Bates who has a fantastic and funny show which is featured on YouTube “Just Jackie” is must see TV. I wanted to introduce Nicci to our Fresh Lifestyle magazine readers and many subscribers because it’s a fresh, funny and realistic slice of life show that is quite relatable to our everyday life. I can’t recall my favorite episode because there are many and I will leave the viewers to watch this show and determine just how good it is. This is a show primed for say Netflix or any network. I truly admire Nicci and all of her producers and her family to keep up the grind and strive to get this show into more homes as it so deserves to be. Now let us introduce Nicci Bates.

Nicci Bates has been acting her entire life. She’s garnered an NAACP Theatre Award for Best Ensemble in the Shaka Originals play Misery Street in which she played the co-lead character. Currently she has 3 national commercials running for Gorilla Glue, Atkins Protein Bars, and Almond Breeze. You may have seen the Gorilla Glue commercial in Game 6 and 7 of the World Series.

Nicci is a 42-year-old mother of 3. She created the web series Just Jackie that is loosely based on her life. She plays Jackie, who is a remarried mother of 3 attempting to navigate through the insanity of raising children with her husband and ex-husband who have become best friends. Nicci writes the show with her Best Friend of 20 years, Felisha Norman(who is also a mother of 3) and their goal is to be relatable and make the trip ups of life hilarious. “When we think about writing the show, we want to debunk the idea that life is perfect and parent judging is ridiculous.”

The most important thing personally for her is to be an example to her children that you can be whatever you want to be if you work hard and stay consistent and persistent. You can’t wait around for someone to come knocking on your door. It’s never too late to pursue your life’s calling. Age is not a factor, having kids is not a hindrance, and you need to surround yourself with good people you can trust.

Ideally, Nicci would like her show to be picked up by Netflix. Currently, Nicci and her husband, Scott fund the majority of the show with assistance from the contributing producers (her parents and bestie Felisha) and a Patreon campaign. Norman Bates Co will continue to produce the show as long as possible, as long as our children are being fed, or at least not starving.

We are hoping that our family of subscribers will check out this fantastic, slice of life show. You can watch for new episodes and get up to date with past episodes. Take a break from the daily grind and unwind. Increasing the viewership is the goal and being on a mainstream platform is what “Just Jackie” deserves. We wish this show much success and here is to our building that viewership.

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