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July: Officially Coined as “Boss Mom Month”

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For those of you that have been reading my articles for the last 2 ½+ years that I’ve written for this amazing magazine, then you know that one my passions is to empower, uplift, and celebrate women; moms who are hustling and holding it down in particular. With that being said I have coined July as national “Boss Mom’s Month”. For 15 days I will be highlighting mothers that are entrepreneurs and/or work for corporations that make a community impact. Each story, triumph, and struggle is uniquely theirs but I wanted to share them because being a woman, a mother, and a boss or employee is so much more than most understand. Motherhood is a thankless, job the combined stress of work deserves more than this momentous mention here but it’s a start! Additionally, I would like to give every mom a huge thank you and pat on the back for the excellent job that you do daily!

The first mom I would like to celebrate is Becky Stewart, she has an amazing story, about setbacks, setups and comebacks!

They were gone-just like that. My 4 babies were gone. Taken away from me . Stolen, from me their mother. My life was over as I knew it. That’s where it all changed for us. For me. I promised myself then that 1: I’d get them returned or die trying 2: I’d work for myself so I could raise them and be present 3: I’d share my story with as a way to inspire others not to give up…ever, on anything that truly matters. And I’d do this in the best way I knew how- through fitness.

Hi! My name is Becky and I’m a mother to two sons and two dsaughters. I’m a personal trainer and Pilates instructor of 20 years who decided , what the hell? Open my own business. Why not? After all that had happened…WHY NOT? My WHY, my motivation to get started was and continues to be my kids. A messy divorce/custody battle, lots and lots of trauma, counseling, lawyers, etc. and the best treatment to this day is still exercise, eating healthy (wine too) movement, people, community, and sharing MY WHY.

My goal for my clients is really no different than what I try to provide for my children- safety, protection, positivity, motivation, nurturing, and yes, a kick-butt-workout with lots of laughs of course. After all, life happens to us all, and it’s ugly sometimes. An hour workout is a blessing. It’s not divorce. It’s not court. It’s not countless money spent on attorneys. It’s sweat. It’s movement for your greatest machine- your body. It’s a release.

My goal for the future for myself, my children, and my clients is to seek balance, be selective of what you allow into your safe place, be happy and don’t let the circumstances of this world get you down. Move, eat good, drink wine, and smile!

Q: You surely look ad sound as though you successfully came made it through the fire; children are pretty resilient, would you say looking back now, in comparison, for the most part the five of you came out unscathed?

A:Oh we’re scathed… lol, how can you not be? But we are finding strength in the struggle; that’s where the magic happens. Getting stronger and wiser in the midst on the hard things.

Q: Exercise/fitness is your remedy for remaining internally in balance, in a happy place, and basically having the ability to house positivity.  How do you balance motherhood and four children with owning you own company? I know you and you don’t have much help.

A: My kids are amazing. We all talk a lot on how to do things, run the house, etc. They’re typical kids, don’t get me wrong but for the most part they all do their share so things run smoothly. I also have great parents and a community of friends.  Amazing friends who I get help from.  It’s easy to try to do it all yourself, pride I guess but that’s when burnout happens.

If you are interested in pilates or would like more health & fitness information you can find this amazing mom on Facebook & Instagram or email her at

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