It’s Time to Get Your Body in Shape with Beachbody Coach and Dietitian: Allison Brinkley RD

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The end of the year seems to be a struggle to keep with our diet plan and fitness routine.

You keep saying to yourself, I want to have more energy and lose some weight. Maybe you have pushed it off until the New Year?

Well the New Year is quickly approaching and before you know it, January will be here and you have no plan to conquer those health and wellness resolutions.

Our team of dietitians and fitness experts would like to offer you a FREE Meal Makeover and fitness challenge. It is just 5 days, but I promise if you follow along you will have more energy to tackle those last minute shopping trips.

We took common traditional holiday recipes and gave them a slim down makeover! You will get 7 delicious recipes to serve your loved ones and we will tell you why these versions not only save calories but how they improve your overall health!

Fitness will be included too and you will get access to free workouts and we will have mini challenges with prizes!

There is no catch, we just want to pay it forward and help you be prepared to tackle those New Years Resolutions! We want to show you how it can be done!

Just click that you will be going to this event and we will add you to the exclusive private group a few days before it starts. you don’t need to leave your home to participate! Please invite any and all friends to join in on the fun.

This group is for our conFITdent Club clients, future clients and those who are NOT currently working with another Beachbody coach.


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