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Introducing SiloamPool

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I had the pleasure of speaking with this gifted talent who is an outstanding songstress. We sat down to an informal interview discussing her background, group and the release of her new CD Single.



Karen: What is your music background?




Growing up our household was full of music.  My Dad loved Jazz and Soul mom loved Classical and R & B.  I always knew I wanted to be a singer but being so shy I didn’t start pursuing singing until freshman year in college; studying music and voice.


Karen: Who is your fan/customer?



Our listeners are those who love great music compositions, the feelings you get when you hear live instruments, the reflection of the lyrics and the journey of a song.


Karen: What are your songs about?




Our songs are about the joys and pangs, the twist and turns, of our lives.  I write from the experiences I’ve had or witnessed.  The things that help us understand perspectives and enrich our lives.



Karen: Who are your musical influences?


Siloam Pool


Earth, Wind & Fire, Pat Metheny, Al Jarreau, Sting, Nina Simone, and Carlos Santana to name a few. I love the creative genius of these artists. They’ve all helped me mature as an artist, how to let go, to give musical and vocal character to each song; I write and perform.


Karen: How do you describe your music to people?




As an artist that’s a challenging question, especially when you take care in crafting your own sound but I usually say imagine “Sade and Santana in a jam session”; that comparison resonates in a person’s imagination.



Karen: What image do you think your music conveys?




The goal for the music we write is for it to make us/listeners feel something; be it ignited, relaxed, inspired, reflective, you want to get up and dance or want to cuddle up; enriching the lives of others is our mission.


Karen: What live performance experience have you had?




Each member of SiloamPool is well trained and seasoned.  We’ve performed over ten years collectively, more than that individually.  All of us have recorded and performed with major artist.  SiloamPool is known for serving up a great performance.


Karen: Have you recorded any previous CDs?




Our first recording project was “Colors of Black & White EP.


Karen: How did you sell your CD’s/Audio Files?




Our music is available on, Google Play, Amazon to name a few.





Freeman “Free” Spells Jr.-Bass

Rydell Chavez-Guitar

Winston “Foot” Britton-Drums

Romel Alexander-Percussion


All songs written by: Siloam, Freeman Spells Jr., Rydell Chavez and Niko Marks.


Siloampool Website

SiloamPool sample

SiloamPool SMALLER


Karen in closing;

I have had the absolute pleasure of listening to their amazing performances. You can purchase the CD single or past CD’S from above. We at wish SiloamPool much success and it was a pleasure to introduce SiloamPool to launch off our first section of Musician’s Corner that we have introduced to our Magazine. Stay tuned for more interviews or stories of Musicians to come in our Corner.

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