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Introducing Julian Camarena

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Fresh Lifestyle is pleased to introduce a fantastic artist to our magazine whose musical  talent has a distinct vibe which  is reminiscent of a mixture of Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson flair sort of latino vibe, which piqued my interest after listening to many of his songs. His talent is awe inspiring, fresh with talents varying from Singer, to Musician and Music Producer.

Juliana is currently in Nashville recording a number of new songs. “ I’m beyond excited about, and in the process of setting up a tour this coming year”. We are excited for Juliana and we wish this young man and wonderful talent well wishes and we will be following his musical career.  Check out his website with his information below.  What a pleasure to introduce this young man going places!

  • Name of artist:  Julian Camarena
  • What is your music background:I started playing saxophone in my school’s jazz band around the age of eight. Later on learning piano as well as guitar. I didn’t start writing songs until around the age of thirteen and that is when I started singing as well. I started getting into the production of music my freshmen year in college and self produced a number of songs while attaining a business degree. Finally at the age of 19 after graduating college I decided to professionally pursue a career in music and started building my audience and fan base.
  • Who is your fan/customer:I primarily write love songs so my audience consists of a number of hopeless romantics and those who enjoy listening to pleasant melodies and music that will make you feel something. I love to tell stories in my music that my fans can relate to.
  • What are your songs about:My songs are about love and life. I write about experiences, relationships or people that have inspired me in my life. I also write about fantasies or dreams that I have or had.
  • Who are your musical influences: One of my biggest inspirations is Billy Joel, he was the artist that inspired me to play piano as well as write songs.  Other influences include Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Green Day, Linkin Park, One Republic, Bruno Mars and Enrique Iglesias.
  • How do you describe your music to people: I can best describe my music as pop, world music, latin influenced and melody based.
  • What image do you think your music conveys: With any song I write or produce I always want to convey some sort of emotion to my audience whether its happiness, sadness or inspirational. Music is supposed to move you and make you feel something.
  • What live performance experience have you had: I have had the pleasure of playing a number of events on the west coast as well as private performances all across the country.
  • Have you recorded any previous CDs: I currently have a number of singles on iTunes as well as a recently released EP titled “Julian Camarena EP”
  • How do you sell your CD’s/Audio Files:  All my music is available through any online music distribution retailer such as iTunes, or Amazon as well as music streaming platforms such as Spotify and Google Play. It is also available directly on my website


Sample Music:

Anything else you’d like your reader to know about you?  I love what I do, and I hope I can inspire others to pursue their own passion and dream big.

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