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Introducing John Tracy

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I discovered John Tracy through a song “Midnight Moon” and I am definitely a fan of his.  His particular song had such healing words that were so apropos in a tumultuous political climate that we find ourselves in.  Midnight Moon’s uplifting tenor and tone speaks to all of us just finding a place within ourselves, when we find times that we need to reach into our inner selves and souls and heal any hurt or anger or sadness from within.  His variety of music & collection of CD’s and Videos are soulful and thought provoking!


Karen: What is your music background?

John Tracy:   I started playing guitar when I was 16, but my love of music started years before that. My mom had this great console record player and a huge collection of albums – all of the greats from the 50s and 60s. I could sit for hours listening to those records.

When I was 16, I decided I wanted to learn how to play guitar. I still have my Gibson Gospel Model guitar that I started out with. My teacher at the time taught me all of the hits of the day.

The earliest influences to my own playing style came from the 70s acoustic singer songwriters. I loved their intricate melodies and would spend hours dissecting their songs to learn exactly every note they played. My own finger-picking style of playing evolved from there.

As I neared my 20s, I wanted to do more than play the popular music of the day. I wanted to make my own music – music that would touch others like their music had moved me.

Karen: Who is your fan/customer?

John Tracy: My fan is someone who not only loves music, but wants to be moved and touched by it. It’s someone who connects with meaningful, authentic lyric and is drawn to music that inspires them and captures their heart. Male, female, young and old – my fans tend to range in ages and are more drawn to the hopeful messages in my songs than just the sound of the music.

Karen: What are your songs about?

John Tracy:   My songs are about our everyday lives. I decided early on that I wanted to be transparent in my songwriting. Many fans tell me they appreciate that I lay my life experiences bare for them. They find a connection with the music to the things they are going through in their lives. They also find hope when things aren’t necessarily going as they’d like.

Karen: Who are your musical influences:

John Tracy:  Early on I drew my influences from all of the 70s singer songwriters. Music then was real, not manufactured. It talked of the things I was going through, it laid the songwriter’s soul and emotions bare and I connected with that.

Karen: How do you describe your music to people:   I describe it as real music for real people – soulful, authentic acoustic guitar driven music that tells the stories of our lives. I want people to find not only themselves in my music, but the peace and hope they need to live each day to its fullest.

Karen: What image do you think your music conveys:

John Tracy: Based on what fans tell me, my music conveys hope, peace, authenticity, love and a glimpse at reality that doesn’t always have to look bleak.

Karen: What live performance experience have you had:

John Tracy: Over the years I’ve been doing this professionally, I have been fortunate to play in venues all across the US, Germany and Sweden, both small intimate settings and large seat venues. I also do shows online to be able to connect with my fans that I might otherwise not be able to see. I love performing live, to be able to chat with my audience and share a moment of their lives.

Karen: Have you recorded any previous CDs:

John Tracy:  I actually have five CDs out now and am working on my sixth project, which should be out early next year. I even released a Holiday CD last year.

Karen: How do you sell your CD’s/Audio Files?

John Tracy: All of my music is available on my website at, as well as all of the digital retailers (iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, etc). You can also find me on the streaming sites (Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, etc.)

Karen: Anything else you’d like our readers to know about you?

John Tracy: I just released a new single and related music video titled “Midnight Moon.” I actually started writing this song in late 2016 during the height of all the US election turmoil. It was such an unsettling time in our country and everyone I spoke with was feeling more than the usual angst. Sometimes our world can be overwhelming. Not only the day-to-day, trying to earn a living, pay the bills, keep all the balls balanced in the air, but in particular when there are times like these with the current state of politics and world affairs, it can be downright frightening. So many emotions, opinions, angst, anger and fear – it’s a lot to cope with.

Anyway, one night, I was really feeling these pressures and I happened to look outside (much like the scene depicted in the music video). The big bright moon caught my eye, almost like I was drawn to it. You could almost say I had a bit of a spiritual experience out there just me and the moon and the darkness. It gave me a feeling of hope and inspired me to capture my experience in this song.

The moon has risen and set day after day, year after year, century after century. There is a certainty in that, even though current times can elicit a lot of fear and strife. My hope is that those who hear the song or watch the video find a peace and hope that tomorrow has the possibility to be brighter and better than today. That love can actually win.

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“John Tracy has a true gift. He’s an extremely talented songwriter and has a wonderful tone to his voice. Time spent listening to John is never time wasted!” – Stuart, One Night Stand Music

“John is an exceptional artist. His original pieces are hallmarked by lyrics that move the audience. The complexity of his compositions and his skill in playing them create a sound that is marvelous to hear. As a singer, he projects a warmth and energy that is infectious.” – Clair F. Myers, Ph.D., Executive Director,  Wayne Theatre Alliance


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