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Interview with Writer, Jen Selinsky

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A full time collection development librarian for twelve years, author Jen Selinsky went part time to focus on her thriving writing career. Over the course of that career she’s published 170+ books covering a wide variety of genres and topics. From works inspired by classic rock, to an adult coloring book featuring her original prose, Jen Selinsky has proven her far reaching creative talents. In addition to her writing projects, Jen’s also determined to help other fledgling authors find the same success she has by promoting them through her blog—including yours truly! I’m therefore thrilled to bring to you my interview with Jen Selinsky, wherein we discuss her sources of inspiration, current projects, and thoughts on eBook vs paperback.  

1. I connected with Jen through my networking activity on social media. She was gracious enough to feature me in an interview on her blog, Jen’s Favorite Authors ( What inspired you to create the blog? 

I was thinking about a way I could help my fellow authors market their material, and it just came to me. I had already created a book review blog on WordPress, so I figured that I could make another blog just as easily. It’s been over a year, and I already have 100+ interviews. It makes me happy when people look at my posts because it means that they are looking at my featured authors’ fine works!

2. You’ve published over 170 books over the course of your writing career, some of which have been inspired by your love of classic rock. Which is your favorite band/who is your favorite musician you’ve written about/would like to write about?

I have many bands which I like, but Genesis is my favorite. Two musicians whom I really admire are Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett. I’ve written books dedicated to both of them, and I even had the privilege of corresponding with and interviewing Steve for both my Genesis and author blogs. He also had my interview posted on his official website! I sent both Peter and Steve copies of my Genesis-inspired poetry book, Twilight Alehouse. Steve got back to me almost immediately. I have yet to hear back from Peter but, as he says in one of his famous songs, “Don’t give up”!


3. Another area your works have covered is coloring books—specifically those centered on another creative work, e.g. Me and Mommy. For me, the one that stands out is your adult coloring book, Shades of Inspiration. In my mind, it’s reminiscent of William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and Experience, wherein he accompanied his poems with colorful borders comprised of his own original illustrations. What do you think are the reasons behind the everlasting appeal, amongst readers, of poetry coupled with impressive illustrations? Of illustrations which may be personalized by the reader, such as in your coloring book?

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Thank you for your compliment! While I do admire William Blake’s work, I have never thought of him as being a direct influence for my coloring books. I think the appeal goes along the same lines of children reading children’s books. Pictures help the readers visualize what the author wishes to portray. While Pen It! Publications hired illustrators to do the artwork for my children’s coloring books, I drew the designs for my adult coloring books freehand. I originally included the poetry in order to give customers something to read, but I’m glad to know that people think my written works and illustrations compliment each other.

4. In addition to your freelance writing, your writing for Pen It! Magazine, and your blog, you’ve also worked as a librarian for many years. In your opinion, has the introduction of eBooks, and websites where readers may access electronical writings by their favorite authors, e.g. Smashwords, had an impact on the popularity of libraries and paper books? What are your reasons for your answer?

I earned my MLS in 2004 and have worked as a collection development librarian for twelve years before going part-time. The reason I did so was to focus on my blossoming writing career. Where I work, people still check out physical books, and we order a lot to meet customer demand. It also seems, however, that there is more demand for e-books and materials. People come into the branches and ask what kinds of e-materials they can check out and what devices are compatible. Nowadays, folks seem to view libraries as multi-purpose facilities where they can not only check out books, but take computer lessons, tutor students, and even hold community functions in meeting rooms. Despite all this, however, I don’t see physical books going completely by the wayside anytime soon.

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5. What are you working on at the moment/What are your future projects?

I am working on many things at the moment. Currently, I have twenty-two drafts of novels, children’s books, and an autobiography. I also have started work on my 6th adult coloring book. I would like to contact the members of Genesis and possibly work on a biography about the band! One of my best-selling titles is an unauthorized biography of Duran Duran.

6. Where can my readers buy/read your writing?

My works can be found at:



Barnes & Noble




Pen It! Publications Bookstore

You can interact with Jen, follow her progress, and stay up-to-date with her current and feature releases by using:




Jen’s second blog, GENESIS: Inside and Out


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