How to Obtain Core Strength

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Yes, of course we all want a flat toned core (abs). However, besides how awesome it may look in and out of your clothes, why else would you care about having “Core strength”?

Our core includes “abdominal muscles”, abdominis, transverse abdominis and external and internal obliques.


Core training does two really important things — it supports your spine and helps with very important things like balance.


A strong core is just as important to someone picking their kids toys off the floor as it is for an elite athlete. 


Taking into consideration all components within your control, it’s extremely important  to protect the skeletal-muscular framework of your body. After all, good posture keeps your internal organs aligned.


It also helps to make you to look more youthful and vibrant as you conduct an active style of living.


Having a stable core can strengthen your balance and long term strength at any age. Besides, it’s easier to enjoy dancing, exercising, riding a bike and walking if you feel in control of your body.

It’s always unfortunate when the elderly fall and break a hip. When you fall in your older years, the fall can separate your main artery stemming down the leg from the main aorta. It’s also true that having weak and brittle bones can result in a hip that snaps before the fall occurs. But, having a strong could never hurt because the awesome thing about our bodies is muscle mass supports otherwise fragile bones in all of us.

Half of my Team Angie Fitness family are 50 years and older. This is why I make sure I take time for at the beginning of class to have them practice their balance using different exercises.

I noticed when I started to focus a lot more on core engagement, that it got easier to walk with good posture or do complicated workouts that called for a strong core.

A great core and balance exercise you can do at home is to find something in the house around 12-15 inches off the floor (I use short orange cones in my gym). Practice balancing on one leg and touching the item on the floor and straighten your spine all the way back up without placing your foot back on the floor and repeat 9 more times on each foot. It may sound easy but trust me, this is not easy feat.

I suggest you do this every day and as you get stronger, add more reps.

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Thinking ahead can help. The time you put into your exercise program should include several different variations of core strength training. Everything from crunches to water aerobics and waist bends to crunches to water aerobics classes will help. Whatever you decide to do, make sure its something you like and will continue to do for the long haul.

Happy healthy life stylin’ yall!

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