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Combine a comfortable-looking couch, tons of natural light, and a really cool coffee table and you get this great Living Room of the Week. Last, but not least, the exposed brick wall adds a bunch of character to the space. What makes this work is not only is it cozy and simplistic it’s functional. It all ties in quite nicely,


The wood coffee table with nesting cubes offers a uniquely compact feature, which saves on space but offers additional seating. As a Realtor I see this look in more living and family room spaces and it’s popping up in staged homes. They are popular now and they vary in price, but offers nice options in price, size and style.


Finally what was once considered dated in homes and if you still have it, consider it’s quite fashionable now and back in style is the brick wall. There are many varieties of brick façade walls or faux brick veneer options. I see this often in new or older homes, so good news; don’t consider it dated any longer. If you have an authentic brick wall, it’s a great selling feature. It’s also a great DIY easy project as well, and again, with so many styles and patterns, textures and colors of brick to choose from you surely won’t be limited. Step it up a notch!


Accent is on the orange and warm earth tones, nice grid of pictures for display, always nice and intimate. A sprinkling of green foliage adds warmth. Overall, this is s nice look to shoot for whether you are buying or seeking to sell your home and stage it on an affordable budget and make that living room wall pop! In closing, this  “look” works whatever your climate. Affordability, practicality and simplicity and throw in aromatherapy and you’re home!

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