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Depending upon where you live in the country, it could have been a long winter and you haven’t even seen anything remotely resembling spring yet.  I still find myself allowing those winter blues to control my mood from time to time.   Based upon the calendar it is officially spring, so why doesn’t it feel like it?  So after I sat and reflected in an attempt to make sense out of my feelings, it dawned on me that my new residence in Ohio is smaller than any house I had lived in over the past 20 plus years.   Was I allowing my new location to control the tone of my feelings?

We moved to our current dwelling in Cleveland, Ohio from a large place in Dallas, Texas that had plenty of private outdoor living space which allowed us to take advantage of the warm sunny weather there.  Getting used to living in half the square footage with hardly any outdoor privacy, not to mention a vastly different climate has been challenging to say the least.  The temperature is still struggling to break 60 here in Ohio in the month of May, while the thermometer has already been hitting 80 on a regular basis in Texas for a couple of months!  I have concluded that moving from Tennessee to Texas, and then to Cleveland, Ohio is “different.”  Not better or worse, just different.

When we face change in our lives we must make adjustments and reflect on where we are in our respective walks.  This adjustment also mandates patience perhaps above all else.   Reflecting upon my own situation, I believe that the Lord is reminding me to be content, and that I have the power to choose to be happy wherever I am, no matter the current circumstances.  It is incumbent upon us to turn whatever house we live in, to a Healthy Organic Mindful Environment…HOME!

God reminded me that no matter what region of the country you find yourself right now, or the size of your house, creating a space which allows one to truly feel His love is a fundamental part of our day to day happiness.  I asked myself a few more questions:  What does God look like (to me)?  What does God do all day?  And how does God see me?  After sitting with those questions and pondering the answers, I set out to open the windows of my soul.  To draw back the drapes even on the darkest of rainy, cloudy days.  To remove the dust, and “stuff” I had accumulated but didn’t bring me joy when I looked at them or put them on.  I made “room” for my soul to experience Him.

My home had been closed up for the winter and I was in much need for the roof to be lifted.  I applied this logic to my body, mind and spirit as well as where I live.   During my yoga practice, I took deep, full conscious breaths to remove the stiffness in my joints, and my mind, that had accumulated unconsciously.   I saw my breath as life, love, and healing.  Moving through every posture I witnessed my body opening, strengthening, and thanking me for taking it “HOME”.   I felt lighter, brighter, and stronger. I had been on a long hiatus and didn’t even know it until I took the time to reflect on what I wanted to create in my life.   My home is where I put on my “happy” and take it out into the world to share.  The world doesn’t bring happiness into my home.

Home is our haven.  It is a place for us to walk in and feel nurtured.  A place where we can safely reflect on the past and plan for the future.  A clean, crisp, loving space where we should feel the warmth and love of God protecting us and guiding us forward.  Regardless of your faith, choose to create a Healthy Organic Mindful Environment to reside in.  Both in your physical domicile and in your body.  Only then can you truly welcome yourself HOME.

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