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In this hectic world many people are working harder to make healthy changes. We are working to learn more of the best foods for us. We try to incorporate exercise for fitness and heart health, but it sometimes is hard to keep up with it all. It is my passion to help share the knowledge on the topic of living a healthier lifestyle. With online magazines like Fresh Lifestyle Magazine and social media I can share updates in news you can use about your food, herbs and nutrition. I share information on awareness of toxins and chemicals we may be exposed to without realizing it and one of the top things I like to share is stress management tips as Massage Therapist and Certified Herbalist using Aromatherapy and more. As the saying goes – Each one, Teach one.

I have been a health blogger for over 10 years and written plenty of online health articles in the past. Now with live streaming available I have established an online Health Chat every Monday night on Periscope, at 7:30 p.m., central time and 8:30 p.m, eastern time. I plan to eventually expand it to YouTube Live. This is allowing my holistic health updates to be right at your figure tips. Just download your favorite live stream apps such as Periscope and Twitter. If you follow my Twitter you can also see my Periscope live streams right on Twitter.

In addition, I am excited to share that I will be offering online courses on various topics to help people learn how to incorporate herbal remedies and other holistic techniques. If you want to know more ways to use God’s forgotten food – Herbs, I have a class on September 17th.The topic is Beauty within – Holistic health and wellness for women. This will be on Zoom Webinar where you can join on your phone, tablet or computer.

My Holistic spa, Sacred Therapy Spa is located in Homewood, Illinois. I posted the link to register to my online class on September 17 plus more upcoming events at my spa website:

Periscope – @momsherbs

Twitter –

My health blog is:


Sharing the invaluable knowledge of holistic health has been a passion for Certified Herbalist and Stress Management Expert, Marguerite Wright, for over ten years now! Her award winning blog ​​ has developed into a resource site for herbal remedies, updates and health alerts. Marguerite adds live streaming, along with connecting with people via Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Marguerite plans to continue to hold online courses in herbal health, essential oils for emotional health and stress, plus more. It is written that “Our people perish for lack of knowledge,” thus it is Marguerite’s goal to keep the public informed about the many life saving benefits of holistic health.

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