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Tis the Season for fun festivities, family gatherings and holiday events, whatever the occasion. It’s time to grab that holiday outfit, brush up on the hottest trends, and glam it up with one of these effortless looks. The fun fact about holiday makeup is it’s outside the realm of everyday makeup. Enjoy the season and have some fun with these looks below!

FACE – NUDE SHIMMER a clean, classic, elegant and simple look to apply. To begin, make sure you apply a moisturizer to give your skin a nice slip and hydrated look. Use a loose shimmer shadow and lightly combine it with a liquid foundation or sheer tint. This will give your skin an even glow that will look healthy, even toned, and natural.

EYES – SMOKEY SMUDGE definitely a Holiday or New Year’s Eve occasion. Smokey eyes can be created with bronze tones, grey hues, plum or Bordeaux shades…they don’t have to be black and they’re much softer in appearance and wearable than a black smudge. The trick to applying a smokey eye is blending! Blend, blend and blend again! You can work with 2 or 3 colors for this look, but no more than that…..The look is essentially dark to light, starting at the lash and blending upwards to the brow. Continue to get lighter as you escalate towards your brow. You will want to begin at the base of the lash line with the darkest color (this can be your eye pencil or eye liner). Apply the lighter shade all over the entire lid and into the crease. Continue to blend until there is no line of demarcation and there is a gradual dark to light. Lastly, take a light shade (I recommend bone, nude or even a pressed face powder) apply your light shade right under your eye brow, you’re giving your brow bone a pop and an open clean look. For the under eye, apply the eye liner across the entire lower lash line and blend! It’ll appear smudgy and even. You’ll take a q-tip with eye-makeup remover and tidy up all excess shadow. Lastly, apply concealer to give it a clean, flawless look.

BROWS AND LASHES They’ve made their debut and are the key to finish off your look! Whether you are a pro or an amateur, learning how is quite simple. I recommend Bitty Brow by Jane Iredale for your brows, it’s a kit that contains wax for grooming your brows and pigment to add a darker shade to fill in as needed. It’s quite simple to apply if you have the right tools. This and this Bitty Brow kit has all the tools you’ll need, and they come in varieties based on your skin and hair tone. When it comes to mascara….and holiday events “go big or go home”. The more you apply the more length and volume you will achieve. The trick to applying perfect mascara is start with a great lash curler…..Shu uemera is the best you can buy, they’re well known in the makeup industry for giving the best lash boost you could wish for! Once you’ve curled your lashes and are ready to apply the mascara, place your brush as close to the base of your lashes as possible, and proceed to wiggle your brush back and forth as opposed to doing broad strokes upwards. Continue to focus on the product at the base and wiggle back and forth for 10-15 seconds; this will deposit the mascara at the root giving you a much longer, fuller look. Pull the brush and the remaining mascara upward and outward. You are essentially giving the lash a curl boost at the base where it’s mostly needed. You’ll love what a difference this little trick will bring to your lashes.



SHOW OFF YOUR POUT – with shimmer and gloss. For the perfect holiday party, you must have the perfect pout. This year the look is shine, shimmer and lots of gloss! For a long lasting look, apply a lip stain that will have a long lasting shade that won’t smudge. There are many lip stains available on the market, but a lot of brands tend to be drying and matte. I recommend Jane Iredale’s lip stains; on one end there is a non-drying lip stain that vary in many different shades such as nude, pink, peach, wine, and red. The other end has a shimmer lip gloss to add a bit of sparkle to your stain. If you’re taking some risks with the classic red, start off by patting a bit of concealer on the entire lid and beyond the edge of your lip. Next, pat the lip with a dab of pressed powder and use a lip pencil to lock in the color of the lipstick. When you are applying the lip liner, make short feather strokes as opposed to one strait line. By doing this the lip will look more natural and you’ll be able to add some depth to the lip. A great trick with a true red lip is to use a small eye shadow brush with a flat tip, apply a pressed powder around the outer edge of the lip. This will keep the color from bleeding out as well as give a precise edge-line around the lip. If you are going for a more nude lip try using a peach tone lip liner first to line the lips, a nude flesh tone and a light champagne pink gloss – the perfect pout is easy to achieve; mix, blend, and create with color.

Always note, if you’re wearing a strong red lip, keep the eyes simple, clean and elegant as not to detract from the bold lip you’re wearing. If you’re wearing a deep, bold smokey, smudged out eye, than pair that with a nude, glossy, shimmery lip. Have one focal point that stands out. Finish the look with a dab of shimmer on the orbital bone or in the inner eye to create a sparkle of holiday cheer.

With these simple steps, tips and tricks, you’re bound to have a glamorous Holiday season. Happy Holidays!




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