Healing Your Mind and Body with Aromatherapy

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Essential oils have made their way into mainstream America. It’s with very good reasons they have become so popular. Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways (disinfectant, air freshener, household cleaner, etc.).

Today we will discover how essential oils can improve our physical and mental health. However, we will begin learning how essential oils have worked wonderfully in previous generations.

Before modern day medicine people relied on holistic remedies made with plants. Pure essential oils are highly concentrated compounds that have bee pressed or distilled from plants. Many pharmaceutical companies during the late 1800s used essential oils in their medication. The discovery of insulin and penicillin changed the delivery of healthcare and essential oils lost its appeal until Second World War. Dr. Jean Valnet ran out of antibiotics and used eucalyptus essential oil saving lives as a result. Unfortunately, after that occurrence the world went back to relying only on traditional medicine.

Now it’s time for us to discover how essential oils can improve our lives today. Creating wellness in our bodies requires clear thinking and discipline. Emotional or mental wellness is linked to physical wellness. Oftentimes, stress is linked to high blood pressure, ulcers, and a host of other issues. How can you attain mental wellness? Emotional/mental wellness is an on-going process that begins when we decide that taking care of our body is a priority.

There are several essential oil concoctions that work great for bringing mental stability. We will break mental stability into two categories mental alertness and relaxation. Beginning our day, we typically have many tasks at hand that will require concentration for us to perform our best. Among the many essential oil available there are seven that will be discussed in improving our mental alertness.

  • Rosemary essential oil stimulates the nervous system while increasing the circulation to the brain. This phenomenon will improve memory and concentration. Rosemary blends well with several oils. Combine rosemary and black pepper essential oils and increase your mental stamina to another level.
  • Basil is considered a staple in cooking however its benefits does not end in the kitchen. Basil essential oil serves as a mental stimulant and an antibacterial. This essential oil can be diffused with many oils such as lemon or hyssop.
  • Cardamom is known for combatting halitosis and soothing stomach upset. Cardamom is generally considered safe oil therefore combining this with orange essential oil in a veggie capsule will not only boost mental clarity but your immune system.
  • Rose is known for its pleasant aroma however its benefits surpass smelling great. Rose essential oil can stimulate the mind and act as an antiseptic (prevents growth of disease).
  • Lemon essential oil rejuvenates the mind while offering many other benefits. Lemon is great for colds, indigestion, and headaches among many other conditions.
  • Lime provides mental alertness and combats fatigue. Diffuse lime with citronella providing a nice fragrance to your area.
  • Who doesn’t love peppermint? Peppermint will offer mental clarity and help in addressing feelings of depression. Peppermint can be diffused or massage into the skin diluted with a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba.

Life is busy! Everyone needs to unwind and de-stress. Relaxing is becoming a foregone tradition in this fast pace world. However, everyone needs rest including YOU! There is an array of essential oils that will promote relaxation. We will discuss five essential oils that will calm your nerves. Additionally, I will share my recipe that will have you sleeping like a baby!

  • Frankincense essential oil is one of the best oils because it can be used for so many purposes. Frankincense acts as a sedative which will promote sleep and aid in skin renewal.
    Ylang-ylang will increase relaxation taking away feelings of anxiety or depression. Ylang-ylang is a sedative and combines great with Roman chamomile making the perfect blend to diffuse at the end of the day.
    In ancient times neroli was used to treat anxiety and depression. Neroli is a sedative and when combined with lavender, ylang-ylang, and marjoram it has been known to decrease blood pressure.
    Helichrysum will take away tension and help with any bruising or scars on your scan. Helichrysum is considered safe however using a carrier oil like coconut is a great idea.
    This list would not be complete if lavender essential oil wasn’t included. Lavender is extremely soothing acting as a sedative. Lavender can tackle feelings of irritability while working as an analgesic (pain relief).

At one time in my life I struggled with systemic lupus which affected many systems of my body especially sleep. This recipe that I am sharing was my lifeline to a good night’s rest and addressing feelings of stress.



  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Diffuser of your choice

Blend two drops of each oil into your diffuser and create a spa like experience in your bathroom.  This concoction is guaranteed to close your eyelids in record time.  As a bonus, you can add a drop of bergamot essential oil to your pillow.

Hopefully you are ready to feel great inside and out! Today we focused on essential oils promoting wellness in our body however we must keep in mind that we are what we eat. Begin taking the best care of yourself today and your body will thank you!

Cassandra Hill, M.A. Certified Wellness Coach

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