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Happy Times! Happy Gardening!

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Do you dread grocery store trips and bills like I do?? Have you ever dreamed of growing your own farmer’s market?? Can you imagine one with no messy soil, no weeding or tilling, no tools, no herbicides, no pesticides and one that is SO user friendly that even a “rookie farmer” who has never grown a thing can successfully use it?? YOU CAN!! How do I know?? Because I AM!!!! Actually, WE ARE!!!! Our 3 kids LOVE the hands on experience of growing their own food. Research shows that children who help grow their own fruits and vegetables are much more likely to eat them, and Tower Garden is FUN!!!! It can even be set up indoors (WOW!) and optional grow lights, tomato cage, wheeled dolly, etc. can be added. Tower Gardens thrive on patios, balconies, rooftops (many restaurants have them!), kitchens and classrooms.

tower garden stand

Tower Garden is a vertical, aeroponic (with air/mist – SOIL FREE!! WATERS ITSELF!!) gardening system and it is FUN!! Aeroponics is the same technology NASA uses. Tower Garden is so easy to assemble that my 7th grade son did it himself!! There is a pump inside that showers the roots with water on a timer. It has a 20-gallon reservoir tank at the bottom. A pump pushes the all-natural nutrient solution up the tower. Then the roots are showered with the nutrient solution and this process in continually repeated. Tower Garden uses as little as 10% of the water used for regular gardening, and since it is vertical, it uses less than 10% of the land as well. Research has found aeroponic systems grow plants 3 times faster and produce 30% greater yields on average!

Best of all, the Tower Garden can quickly pay for itself by saving money on grocery bills. The USDA recommends that a family of 4 spends as much as $100/week on fruits and vegetables! Each Tower Garden grows 20 plants! You choose which veggies, fruits, herbs and flowers to grow! Lettuce, kale, tomatoes (beefsteak, etc.), melons, strawberries, basil, flowers, cucumbers, peppers, etc.!! You can harvest gourmet lettuce in other leafy greens in 3 weeks! As Allison Brinkley, Registered Dietitian, stated: “Since I got my Tower Garden, I don’t stress about getting my greens in. I always have fresh, pesticide free produce growing at my house and ready to eat!”

Tim Blank is a Futurist and Developer of the Tower Garden. He and family visited Walt Disney World when he was in high school. Tim’s favorite park was Epcot, and specifically “The Land,” an hour long back stage tour/ride where they grow crops from all over the world hydroponically. This tour inspired Tim to get a degree in horticulture and eventually return to Walt Disney World as an advanced intern, then after his internship to conduct high end scientific research at EPCOT. Tim spent 12 years with Walt Disney World before he decided to start his own business, www.futuregrowing.com which we now can all benefit from and enjoy at home and in places like restaurants and even airports. Chicago O’Hare airport was the first aeroponic food farm in an airport terminal to feed many of the 60+ restaurants there.

tower garden soil

If you are interested in growing a delicious Tower Garden for yourself and/or your family, please visit: kimmurphy.towergarden.com or kimmurphy.juiceplus.com. More details (including great videos!!) and pricing are listed on my Tower Garden website in the online shop. (Note: kimmurphy.towergarden.com and “From Tower to Table” Tower Garden starter kit DVD were sources for this article).  If you are interested in learning more information about having a Tower Garden in your children’s classroom or school visit, www.GrowupGardens.com

“Happy Times” – and Happy Gardening!


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