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Handling Periods with Humor

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It’s like death and taxes.

Every month, like clockwork, an uninvited visitor stops by nearly every female home.

Yes, we’re talking about the period.

Bloating, bleeding, and just overall discomfort. And for as long as women have walked the earth, there’s been nothing that truly makes them feel better.

Until now.

A pair of Michigan sisters have decided it’s time for an all-out war on Mother Nature.

Welcome to Bitchy Box.

Katie Isenberg and Lindsay Gestro realized that they weren’t going to defeat the period – that’s physically impossible – so the “Box sisters” went after the symptoms.

“All women have one thing in common; we hate that time of the month,” says Katie, “So we asked ourselves, ‘What can we do to make it more tolerable?”

Call it periods with a smile.

The sisters have learned that the best way to fight this beast is with humor.

Lindsay says necessity can be the mother of invention.

“After a particularly severe period-induced rage blackout where an innocent husband was thrown directly into the wrath of the “Red Beast”, the idea came to us as an opportunity to do something to make periods at least a little bit better and possibly save the lives of innocent men, women and children across the country.”

And thus, Bitch Box was born.

The official home of the angry vajayjay survival kit is a monthly subscription to help women get through their monthly visit from “Aunt Flo” unscathed.

Subscriptions range from light, medium to heavy flows (3, 6, or 12 month orders), as well as individual “spotting boxes for purchase.

Each month’s box is themed, with items like salty snacks, sweet treats and handpicked gifts.

For example, BB recently featured “Crab-in Fever”. The box included “Redrum briefs” (Think: “The Shining”), and emergency chocolate bar, popcorn, fingerless gloves, a fitness cube and a penguin face mask.


Last summer, it was “Waves of Disaster” time for the sisters, complete with kool-aid, pretzels and cookies!

The “Flow, Flow, Flow” Bitchy Box really got subscribers into the holiday spirit!

And who would argue against the “Shark Week” box? That’ll make you afraid to jump in the ocean.

The possibilities for themes are endless; weddings, baby showers, graduations. Everyone knows how hard it can be to shop for a woman – Bitchy Box is guaranteed to make them smile, and it’s a safe bet that they won’t get anything like it.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. The sisters have a target demographic of women (no kidding), mostly 18-34, but it’s a suitable gift for anyone 12+ — featuring a “Let’s Get Flowing” box for those experiencing the terrors of womanhood for the first time.

“If there’s one thing that is positive about getting your period it’s how relatable it is.” says Isenberg,  “All women – any age, size or race – have the same shared experience. We try to give them something that will make them laugh, when all they want to do is cry.” 

So take THAT, Mother Nature! If you know someone who’s down in the dumps over her monthly visitor, surpise her with a Bitchy Box. It’s inexpensive, thoughtful, and guaranteed to make her smile.

To learn more, visit the Box Sisters at . Both you, and that special woman in your life will be glad you did.

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