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From the Mop Bucket to the Bra-Z Clip

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What do you do when a common every day action begins to bother you and the bother increases to frustration?  Instead of anger, the frustration turned to an idea which became an invention.  One day, after going through her normal laundry routine with an event to attend that same evening, Terri Woodson opened the washing machine to find her bras a tangled mess.  She thought, why doesn’t someone figure this out?  This became the impetus for the invention of the Bra-Z Clip.  Terri, who often thought of ways to make life easier, is a mother with two daughters. One such idea she had previously come up with was the one piece, connected mop and bucket.  This idea did not materialize into invention, but as a friend reminded her, another idea was bound to come up later.  Terri had another opportunity to turn idea to invention when the everyday action of laundering bras became a bother.  All adult women have dealt with the laundering your bra issue – washing only to have them end up tangled and stretched out.

Her idea was to come up with a device that would prevent the tangling and stretching of bras while washing.  Also part of the laundering process was the issue of drying.  If you put bras in the dryer after washing, they would tangle and the heat would start to break down the bra. After multiple spins in the dryer, the bra would start to deteriorate, often times with the complete loss of the underwire – which would be found in the bottom of the dryer.  In her case, she knew her idea would resolve both the washing and drying issues. 

She decided that bras needed one device to stop the tangling and stretching in the washer and prevent the wear and tear in the dryer.  The device needed to be secure so that it would hold up during the spinning and rinsing in the water.  She knew bras dried better and lasted longer if they air dried.  She drew a device on a piece of paper that would prevent the tangling in the washer and had a hook to allow them to air dry.  The next step was to find a vendor to make the device.

After finally securing the device she liked, it was time for a test drive – or in this case, a test wash.  Following the steps she learned during the period of trial and error, she fastened a bra in the device –And it worked!  Bra-Z Clip was born!!  It took a year and half to go from idea to invention.  The Bra-Z Clip comes in three colors: Pink (to remind women about breast self-examinations), Yellow (to honor women serving in the military) and Purple (to support those against Domestic Violence).  She also lets her purchasers know that it’s also best to use gentle detergent or baby shampoo to launder your bra.




The Bra-Z Clip also led to the invention of the Clue Clip.  The Clue Clip came to fruition after she realized bras did not need to be washed after each wear – in the normal wear process, bras could be rotated. Trying to remember which bra was worn what day and when to wear again became a hassle.  Lightbulb! Another idea to invention.  Bras were not supposed to be worn on consecutive days, but could be rotated and worn later.  The only deviation to that rule are bras that are worn during work out or are soiled during wear.  To aid in the rotation process, she came up with a clip that would fasten to the strap or neckline of the bra – the Clue Clip.  Each individual decides how long a break to give their bra, but two days is generally a good break.  The Clue Clips come in a pack of seven, one for each day of the week. Another problem solved. She also has invented another product that will be launched this year.  It is called the Un-Z Clip – it will keep undies in perfect shape.  Terri Woodson has a patent on the products she’s invented.  Expect more from this fabulous woman who uses intelligence, ideas and inventions to take our lives to the next level. 


Article Contributed by Carol Harding

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