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Soon enough, families will gather and celebrate all that there is to be thankful for. There will be laughter, sharing memories new and old, and football watching while your favorite aromas fill the house. While partaking in holiday libations, you patiently anticipate for the feast to be complete and finally hear those words: “FOOD IS DONE!”

Thanksgiving is one of the most cherished holidays in American culture due to the reunion of relatives and copious amounts of turkey and dressing to celebrate the reunion. After all, no celebration is legitimate unless there is a meal involved. Especially if it’s home cooked! Sad to say usually after this feast, it is like a downward spiral of unhealthy habits from here. Tis’ the season, but check this out…this season comes every year! Shocking right? Of course there is nothing wrong with commemorating with family and friends with some good cooking. Just know at some point after that feast, you’re going to have to bounce back and do the work necessary to avoid the downward spiral.

Food for thought: it is ok to slip up from time to time. We are human. However, we should be more conscious of what we digest on a consistent basis to maximize our health. We only get one shot at life, so it’s important to treat our bodies right and pay attention to what we fuel them with. By fuel I’m not only talking about the leftovers you’ll be eating for the next week. I’m also speaking on what you feed your mind and spirit as well as your body in its physical form. Everything is wired together as one circuit so if one part of the circuit is lacking, then there will be a shortage somewhere. Our environment, what we read, watch, and listen to has influence on our personal beliefs and play a role in our overall health. Be ahead of the game going into the New Year and avoid being the cliché resolution person thinking: “New year, new me!” With this mindset, you’ll more than likely revert back to unwanted habits. If you haven’t started planning how you will win in 2018, then you are already behind. Don’t get in the way of your own success. Enjoy this holiday season, but be considerate of yourself and take control over your body. Fill your personal gas tank with positivity and keep your engine running smoothly with the proper fuel. All I know is, you all better find your way to a gym sometime between now and December 25th.

Personal Trainer at Pulse Fitness Royal Oak and Detroit
Business Owner, Lean Machine Training LLC
BA Kinesiology/Sport and Exercise Science- Wayne State University

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