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   Do you remember being a little kid at the dinner table with a plate full of veggies and wanting absolutely nothing to do with them? (Choosing dinosaur chicken nuggets over a plate of broccoli any day). Your parents bribing you with toys, extra play time or TV time if you would just finish your plate of greens? I know I do. You may have found it annoying at the time, but your parents had good reason for that. In the 21st century we know now just HOW important fruits and vegetables are in our diets. They are packed FULL of vitamins and nutrients that keep us happy, healthy, and strong. They are our number one fighter against multiple cancers and diseases, and they keep us glowing from the inside out. 

     Did you know that Americans are not consuming enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis? Most adults aren’t consuming more than a cup of veggies and maybe a cup of fruit if we’re lucky. Americans used to be advised to consume at least five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day until we found out just how much they are impacting us now. Can you take a guess how many they advise us to consume now? NINE to THIRTEEN servings. If you are an athlete or stressed, double that amount. Crazy huh? That’s a lot of servings, and we’re not even taking in the fact that our soil where we grow our produce isn’t as nutrient dense as it used to be. We are constantly inhaling, eating, and wearing thousands and thousands of toxins in and on our body each and every day. Our bodies have become homes to various chemicals and toxins that are living inside of us causing multiple problems. Without our body being fueled with the right nutrients to detox itself, the toxins begin to build and build upon each other. These toxins cause disease, cancer, sickness, fatigue, skin issues, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. The list could go on forever. Even if you are consuming a good amount of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, just how GOOD is the food you are eating? Yes, anyone would advise to consume a mostly plant-based diet for good health and longevity, but even if you are a plant-based vegan who consumes numerous raw fruits and veggies on a daily basis (insert me here), we are STILL not getting enough. I don’t know where my produce always comes from. How long was it sitting in a truck for before it was placed in the store? Is the produce organic? Is it nutrient dense? How well was the produce grown and taken care of? These are the questions we should all be asking as we are shopping for our food.

      I will always advocate for a whole-foods plant based diet. Science has proven time and time again just how important fruits and vegetables are, but with the stress we endure in our day to day lives, the toxins we breathe in, and the exposure to pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides in our food we can’t help but question are we getting enough? How great would it be if there was a way to bridge the gap between what we eat and what we still aren’t getting enough of on a daily basis? What if I told you I had a way to bridge the gap? Let me introduce to you my friend Juice Plus. Juice plus is not a supplement and not a vitamin. It is 30+ different plants that are dehydrated and put in to a plant based capsule. The fruits and vegetables are vine ripened and picked at the perfect time before dehydrating them so you are left with all the phytonutrients. They are NSF certified which means they are tested 6-12 times rather than organic produce that tests for insecticides and pesticides but not tested for insecticides, pesticides, radiation, mold and bacteria. They have over 38 clinical published peer review studies in top medical journals around the world. They help your body detox by flooding your body with a lot of “good” to wash out all the “bad” and they have a food label, not a supplement label. Our bodies recognize the nutrients entering our bloodstream because it is food, not a vitamin, and that is what our bodies need. 

       Now what exactly IS in these capsules? 

Garden Blend: 









-oat bran

-rice bran

Orchard Blend











Vineyard Blend






-concord grape

-black current





-algal oil

-pomegranate seed oil

-sea buckthorn oil

-raspberry seed oil

-safflower seed oil

tomato seed oil

-orange oil

-vanilla oil

-rosemary oil

(Completely plant based and derived straight from the source)

These capsules are non-GMO, free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and added starches. These capsules are safe for women who are pregnant or nursing as well. Now I don’t know about you… but that sounds pretty amazing to me. I have loved adding these to my diet daily and have seen the impact they have made on my health as a result. I am not saying that these take place of good nutrition, but they sure do help with the parts and pieces you may not be getting every single day. We need a VARIETY of fruits and vegetables, and Juice Plus is here to help.  Let these whole food capsules ensure that you are getting what you need outside of what you eat and be the safety net in your life. Now where do you find these magical beans you ask? I am also here to help! (I am a Jack of all trades my friends). If you would like to know more my Instagram name is: Juliana_banana. Shoot me a direct message and I would be HAPPY to answer any questions you may have.

As always, its been real and it’s been fun Fresh Lifestylers.

Until next time,


A.K.A- Jack of all trades/plant-based extraordinaire/cookie queen/veggie dealer

Hey Fresh Lifestyle viewers! My name is Juliana Hays and I am a current student in Nashville, Tennessee pursuing a degree in education. I am a plant based foodie that loves to share all things health and wellness! I have a passion for healthy eating and creating fun dishes that are both appetizing and good for your body. I hope to share some recipes and some inspiration to live a healthier lifestyle that you enjoy! For more plant based creativity, you can find me on Instagram at: juliana_banana

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