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Everything you Need to Know about Chemical Peels!

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Whether you are in your 30s, 40s or 50s, chances are you’ve noticed some different types of skin concerns and issues with your skin. Concerns such as dull dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage and hyperpigmentation issues, uneven pigment, acne and acne scars

There are many reasons people to choose to get chemical peels, the reasons vary.   It could be a wedding, class reunion, or a big birthday or to treat scars and or hyperpigmentation.   Chemical peels are an extremely effective way in which to not only achieve healthy skin but also maintain it. To choose the most appropriate peeling agent, several factors should be considered; skin concerns and conditions, degree of damage (depth of the peel), allowable downtime, and budget.  Taking all of these factors into consideration, your physician or aesthetician can design a program for you that will meet your goals and leave you with healthy, youthful skin for years to come.

Chemical peels are normally separated into 3 categories; light, medium and deep. The right chemical peel depends on what your goals are for your skin. Chemical peels differ in the depth of penetration.  For instance, if the goal of the peel is simply to exfoliate the skin, and brighten, than a superficial yet light chemical peel can be used.  For pigment irregularities (age spots, sun damage, melisma), a medium depth chemical peel is beneficial.  On the other hand, if the goal is to combat larger wrinkles, deep hyperpigmentation, and lack of elasticity, scars or a specific problem in the deep layers of the skin then a deeper chemical peel will be used.

Superficial Peels or Light Chemical Peels – This type of peel includes a low concentration of a glycolic, salicylic and AHA (alpha hydroxyl) acids and often a low percentage of jessners. These peels are a very light exfoliation with no down time and no skin shedding. This “lunch time peel” is a type of peel that is good for maintenance, fading mild hyperpigmentation, for skin brightening and tightening and for slight fine lines and wrinkles. This type of peel will feel wonderful and look even better.   Price points vary on demographics but this type of peel can range anywhere from 75.00 – 150.00.


Medium Depth Chemical Peels – This type of peel will use stronger percentages of glycolic, salicylic, TCA and jessner acids (50% and higher) and will have longer down time and the skin will often sheet peel.  This type of peel is used to break up more stubborn pigment deeper in the skin, photo aging, fine lines and wrinkles, scaring and uneven skin tones.  The down time varies (anywhere from 3-5 days possibly even longer) depending on the percentage of the solution as well as the number of passes or applications applied.  This peel can cost anywhere from 175.00 – 300.00 and often a series of these are recommended for optimum results. These types of peels are truly amazing and the skin will look significantly improved even after just one peel.


Deep Chemical Peels – This type of peel is normally a phenol chemical and are quite useful for more severe wrinkles, loss of elasticity, deep scars and aging skin.  This type of peel is normally done under sedation and involves up to 2 weeks of down time with the first 4-5 at home with an at home post procedure care involved.   With a deep chemical peel this is normally only preformed once in 12-18 months and your skin will be completely different as the entire top layer of your skin will be removed.  This peel normally costs 700- 2,000.


The best way to decide on what Chemical Peel is best for you is to schedule a professional consult with a physician or a medical aesthetician and have them access your skin concerns, needs as well as end goals.  You will also achieve better results with your chemical peel if you pre-treat your skin for at least 2 weeks using a high potency retinol, growth factor or vitamin C which also can be recommended by your skin care professional.   Chemical Peels are an amazing way to improve the overall health of your skin.   You will love the look and the feel of your skin after the healing process.

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