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Enjoying the Holidays Post Election

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Now that the Holidays are upon us, we have a challenge ahead of us in some instances, getting through them with family & friends who did not see eye to eye on the outcome. Holidays following elections every four to eight years are often the hardest and maybe for some this election was not your run of the mill election, people were passionate, but we want to bring family together and leave it behind the holiday dinner chatter. Chances are you and your family and friends did not all agree on each other’s Presidential contender. Now you feel as if you are about to enter hostile territory with strong and differing opinions, and your candidate lost and you dread the conversation. It’s now a few weeks after the election and families and friends are about to share a day or so and by air, train, plane and road trips you are investing your time to be with family, friends and loved ones peacefully.  In the meantime, all you can think is how do we get through this without pouring a truckload of salt on the others wounds or seethe through perceived gloating of another and enjoy a gathering?  Not entirely impossible if you and your host can set ground rules ahead of time and get creative with diversion tactics. What to do with the angst for one and joy for another on a day to come together as a family and carve the turkey or celebrate in whatever fashion you normally would?


Thanksgiving: Family prays during holiday dinner.

How to handle grievances at a time relegated for festivity?


It may be tough especially if you held polar opposite opinions or stances with the run up to election day, or if due to your political differing views you lost a friend or two on social media. How do we heal, when the world is still catching up and taking a collective deep breath on whatever side you fell on?  The election is now over and we want to enjoy the holiday not engage ourselves in political angst or arguments, when we can use a break from politics and hard feelings. What to do? It may be a good idea to talk to your family members prior to your holiday gatherings and agree that even to disagree, everyone can come together and make a pledge for a day to not talk politics and make a promise of it. We must remember America has been a pretty much 50-50 (not using exact averages) decision each election cycle for years and we have to come to grips with this. Using words such as  “just move on” you won or you lost can be just as condescending.


Instead a better use of this time is to do something different, share good or fond memories of what has cemented your relationship rather than fight about an election which has been decided. To challenge who should have won based on what could be a potential blow up, avoid it all costs. If Uncle George however wants to talk politics, perhaps find a way to divert the conversation and remind everyone that the election is over and how important that your gathering is not mired in it. Or if someone is hurling offensive sentiments and it’s painstaking to endure. There comes a point that if the person refuses to be silent a polite excusal may just be in order, and there is no other choice, be gracious if you must exit.  Remind everyone why as a unit that you are together to give thanks for family and friends on the upcoming holidays.  A good talking point that proves useful is with discourse after a year of this election we need time off from it, period. Everyone could use a day or days to put this political conversation behind us.  Agree to talk about it another day and time, just not now. Enjoy the holiday as you would any other year.  If need be, excuse yourself, go take a deep breath, tap down your automatic pilot to go emoji!


 world peace


What could be a potential blow up, avoid it at all cost. If uncle George however wants to talk politics remind him to  enjoy each other’s company and move the topic along rather than engage in an argument.  We can have differing opinions.  Don’t  let differing opinions ruin your festive time together. To everyone enjoy your holidays and embrace what binds you with your love and friendship. Happy Holidays!

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