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Dog Beer and Cat Wine

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Do you love beer or wine?  Do you think your dog or cat might love it too? You can now enjoy happy hour with your pets with their own special non-alcoholic drink.


Dog Beer & Wine

Dog beer is available in Chicken, Beef, and Calm Ale flavors. The Calm Ale beer has salmon and hemp oil for a calming effect.  This dog beer is made with glucosamine which is a great anti-inflammatory supplement.  Glucosamine is also good for joints and hips.  Bark Brew contains no alcohol, no carbonation and no hops.  So not only is it fun, but also healthy for pets.  Order your dog their very own beer starting at just $5.99!  https://squareup.com/market/a-style-photography Not a beer lover?  There’s also Dog Wine with fun names such as Dog Pawrignon, FetchMe Grigio, and FetchMe Noir.  There’s even a Dog-tini which has added peppermint to give your dog fresh breath.  I love the smell of peppermint and the pretty blue color.  The Dog Pawrignon is a great dog champagne and the perfect prop to add to my doggie birthday party photo shoots.  Dog Pawrignon is a healthy drink that has wild caught Alaskan Salmon oil in it.



Here’s a photo of Bently enjoying his dog beer at a summer picnic party.  Here’s a quote from his favorite human.  “Everyday is a new adventure with Bentley, which I love! He enjoys traveling, eating, getting dirty, and playing the most.”


Aidan, Ali, and Joy had a fun 4th of July photo shoot with Dog-tini’s and dog wine.  I love supporting local USA made products such as the dog beer and cat wine.  The dog beer and cat wine is made in Fort Myers, Florida which is only about three hours from me.

Cat Wine

Lots of drinks are available for the kitties too.  My kitties love that their new drinks contain catnip and valerian root. Picky cats can choose from fun drinks such as Meowsling, Puurgundy, Cat-Tini’s, and Meow & Chandon Cat-tini’s are the purr-fect drink for kitties.



Many of the drinks also include salmon oil which is very beneficial for both cats and dogs.  A few of the benefits for salmon oil include inflammation reducer, helps fight heat disease, lowers blood pressure, and lots more.  Salmon oil also helps improve their coat and shin by making them soft and shiny.


Summer tip for cats and dogs

If your cats or dogs are outside in the summer make sure they have plenty of fresh water available.  Drop a few pet wine ice cubes in the water to help cool them down on a hot summer afternoon.  Make sure there is also a shady sheltered spot for them to hide out from the sweltering summer sun.  Both the Cat Wine and Dog Beer can be turned into frozen treats by freezing it in ice cube trays.  I used fun paw print, bone and fish bone shaped ice cube trays to add to the fun.



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