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What happens when a life statement of purpose, vision, destiny, a legacy company and the invisible hand of God meet?  True brilliance!  Deborah J. Taylor, Executive Director with MedEx Coast to Coast, Powered by Zija International Is leading the global expansion of the Natural Health Revolution.  She has spent a lifetime seeking a chance to make a global difference in the world by a bold and courageous statement of bringing her education, background, business development and expansion, marketing, spiritual base and longevity planning to one place.

Deborah’s bold statement of faith began in 2007 when she declared that she would leave the corporate world one day and truly bridge her experience in workforce development spanning over 15 years to the entrepreneurial future she believed was upon the nation.   Her daily job in career and workforce development constantly had her looking at the shrinking job market and the rise of the entrepreneur.  After researching and training in her county on the importance of small businesses as the backbone of the economy, she felt she needed to bridge her own desire for independence with her passion to become an example by her own statement and leap of faith.

Deborah launched her own company during 2008 and has worked as a business entrepreneur every since.  Earlier this year, by what she calls a true answer to prayers, Deborah met faith when an unexpected meeting occurred with the President of MedEx Coast to Coast.  Deborah discovered a once in a lifetime chance to take on Executive Field Leadership to lead the Natural Health Revolution that is powered by Zija International.

This endeavor includes supporting the expansion of the natural health revolution into 57 countries while simultaneously creating a development center that embraces a collegiate group, a mid range group and a over 47 under employed, unemployed, under subscribed for retirement and post retirement group.   This robust training and development platform to build train and manage these operations is slated for quarter one of 2017 and is a life passion that Deborah is elated to lead.

The vision of an economic training and development operation along with powering the natural health revolution is a match made in heaven for Deborah.  The partnership to power Zija feels so natural and right because of Ken Brailsford, Zija International Founder, who is the father of encapsulation and a man of faith.  He has also been documented as the person who assisted in putting the first herbs in a capsule.  He was in retirement on a mission trip when he saw a documentary on the Discovery Channel on moringa oleifera, a tree that produces this super food, and was so inspired he came out of retirement to corner the market on this product, harvesting it on land in the Himalayan mountains, producing it in a FDA approved facility, and providing this incredible super food to the world in its most potent formulation.

Deborah has long been a health and fitness “workout queen” and truly embraces the literacy component of health as wealth, an active lifestyle, personal development and the importance of a sound diet and embodies the Zija International mantra of “life unlimited”.  She has been a fitness buff dating back to her age 10 Police Athletic League (PAL) basketball activity and her active lifestyle still exists today as Deborah works out 4-5 days a week consistently.

The product lines that Deborah Taylor and her MedEx company powered by Zija provide include their core product moringa olifiera which has been document and can be googled to show it is the most nutrient rich botanical in the world.  Not all moringa is created equal.  With a FDA approved facility and a product that is grown, harvested and made at the highest level, the products that are brought to the market place are second to none with MedEx powered by Zija.

The strong product line that utilized moringa olifiera includes a liquid nutraceutical, essential oils made at a clinical grade that work at a cellular level, and a fitness line that will be introduced to sports teams globally and is all natural. The sports line has a pre-workout product, during workout to help a person push past the 45 minute burn out time and a post workout powder (they all are put in water for high absorption) that helps eliminate the lactic acid and burn. Eliminating the burn may help those that stop coming to work out because they don’t like the burn.  Deborah also loves the fact that the fitness line has a product that provides electrolytes and similar components of Gatorade without the sugar in an “all natural solution”.  She sees a big market with children and adults who need to eliminate all the sugar.

Deborah is aghast that the average American consumes ¾ pound of sugar a day.  This is not eating spoonfuls of sugar from a bag moreover it’s in so many of the foods we eat.  There is also a skin care line with moringa, and the most impressive weight management system that includes a detox and a maintenance tea, an am and pm product that curbs the appetite and suppresses cravings for sugar and munchies, a burn (thermogenic) capsule a XM plus product with three doses of moringa and a new XM3 all natural capsule for the triple moringa extreme that supports “let the weight fall off!”

Deborah has personally fallen in love with the liquid nutraceutical super mix that has a double dose of moringa in it and she has really lost her taste and cravings for sugar; she has noticed a major difference in some occasional inflammation in her eyes and she enjoys knowing so many people that have used the super mix and other products on a daily bases and have seen amazing results with physical conditions. Timing is everything! It is a great time to become associated with MedExCoast To Coast. MedEx is amassing a core group of individuals (partners/founders) who share the vision of making a wide sweeping change globally. That is in fact, the essence of a Revolution.
Deborah sees a future where the assimilation of key people will help with literacy and awareness that will provide resources to decrease malnutrition rates, decrease in the deaths from over medication and under medication, aiding the body to naturally heal and restore itself, assembling the most powerful health advisory boards, sports and ambassador boards, launching the economic training and development centers to help partners learn and expand on being  business owners and learning about tax rules and proper tax provisions as a business owner. Deborah is also creating a chronology of her soon to be released book that will shape the 10 year journey and leap of faith from the comforts of a 9-5 job to becoming and growing into the future of business “the entrepreneur”.

Her future also includes brining key partners on board to become distributors, founders and advisory board members.  She is aiming to connect with those courageous enough to know that their life purpose aligns into something bigger than themselves and they are willing to do something about it.  She plans to assist 1000 people to earn an extra $500-$1000 a month, while also helping 100 people reach a million dollars a year, and changing the health and wealth of millions upon millions of people.

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    What an amazing Publicist in Kimberly Perry and her amazing life. I’m so honored to have this feature story! Thank you also for your life of health and coaching! Your book has changed my life. What a divine connection I have in you!
    For more information on my services please visit: and subscribe to great information and updates.
    Your health is your wealth!

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