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Clothing Trends for Fall 2018: Everything You Need to Know to Slay this Season

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Not everything you see on the fashion runways or glossy pages of a magazine can be pulled off in real life with poise and grace. Now that the fall fashion shows for the year have been over a little while ago, and high street brands have caught on some of the trends while skipping on the others, we finally have the inner scope on what would be the biggest clothing trends for fall 2018. If you haven’t shopped for your fall wardrobe yet, here are some trends to get on board with:

Animal Prints

Runways were full of animal prints for fall 2018 fashion shows, but leopard print is the most obvious one adapted to the high street fashion scene. Carrying an animal print bag or shoes would be the subtle way to jump on this trend wagon or you can take the Victoria Beckham and Michael Kors route and go all out with an allover leopard print coat. High street brands such as Mango and Zara have also caught on the animal print for fall 2018 fashion vibe and showcased snake prints on classic pointed toe heels and box clutches. These accessories would go well with an all-black ensemble and keep you right at the edge of the fashion radar.

Polished Pajamas

If, for your entire life you have been waiting for the day when PJs would be the socially acceptable attire for parties and gatherings, you’re in luck. One of the coziest fall 2018 fashion trends is the polished satin pajama sets in soft floral prints and stripes.


Corduroy was one of the most sought-after Fall 2018 fashion trends in the street style fashion scenario. Corduroy has a crisp, nostalgic, retro fall vibe that never goes wrong. This year, bold corduroy dresses, rompers, zippers and jumpsuits are bound to be in trend. You can throw on a corduroy vest or jacket on top of a plain outfit to add a little fall sunshine to a transitional summer outfit.

Pop of Color

This fall, bright pop of colors against crisp white or black pieces would be seen everywhere. Some of the biggest runway fashion trends for fall 2018 were heavily influenced by the 70s. Magenta, red, raspberry oversized sweaters and turtlenecks were spotted not only on the runways but also out in the streets. If you don’t want to shoot fire from the outfit, choosing a bright silk scarf with a matching pair of shoes would do the job for you.

This years’ fall fashion trends are a classic example of mix and match policy. You just need to get some great accent pieces to add a statement and work with what you already have in your wardrobe.

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