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Carrot Sweet Potato Soup

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Hey Fresh Lifestylers!

     It’s Juliana_Banana again with a new recipe to satisfy those comfort food cravings during the rest of these cold winter days! This soup is a sweet and savory mix of deliciousness that your taste buds can’t ignore. I LOVE this soup. I actually created it while using up the left over veggies I had in my kitchen before they went bad. Isn’t it the BEST when throwing something together ends up being one of the most magical creations you’ve ever come up with? It was an exciting moment for me and my tummy!  Anyways, this carrot sweet potato soup is to DIE for. Its creamy, rich, and full of healthy vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. Its such a good addition to any meal or by itself! I make a big batch of this so I can keep some of it in the fridge to whip out when I want something quick and nourishing, or when I’m hungry and don’t want to be reaching for unhealthy snacks because I have nothing prepared!

The ingredients for this yummy carrot sweet potato soup are:

-4 cloves of fresh garlic

-2 cups of coconut milk

-2 tablespoons of organic coconut butter

-1 large organic sweet potato (I mean LARGE)

-1 pound of organic carrots

-1-2 teaspoons of sea salt

-1 teaspoon of black pepper

-1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

First things first, take the sweet potato and chop it up in to small chunks (skin and everything) and boil them until soft. This usually takes about 20 minutes on medium heat (sometimes more). While the sweet potato is cooking, bring a large pan of water to a boil and cook your carrots until the sweet potato is done. 

Once the sweet potato and carrots are soft and fully cooked through, drain the water and set it aside to cool for about 15 minutes. After both ingredients have cooled, transfer them to a high speed blender (I have a vitamix). Then, add in the rest of the ingredients. Start by blending slowly, and then begin to blend at high speed until all ingredients form a thick and creamy consistency. 

After all ingredients are blended, transfer the mixture back in to a large pan and let it cook on low heat for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. You can add more salt and cayenne to your liking if you want a little extra kick! 

This simple soup will leave you happy, healthy, and satisfied! There is something magical about finding ways to create yummy and healthy meals from simple ingredients, and also keeps your wallet happy as well! I hope that you enjoy this carrot sweet potato soup just as much as I do! 

                                                                                              Until next time!  Juliana_Banana


Hey Fresh Lifestyle viewers! My name is Juliana Hays and I am a current student in Nashville, Tennessee pursuing a degree in education. I am a plant based foodie that loves to share all things health and wellness! I have a passion for healthy eating and creating fun dishes that are both appetizing and good for your body. I hope to share some recipes and some inspiration to live a healthier lifestyle that you enjoy! For more plant based creativity, you can find me on Instagram at: juliana_banana

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