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Book Award – “Strike A Pose, 7 Red Carpet Strategies”

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Finding a good job or starting your own business in today’s competitive job market takes more than just a resume and cover letter.  Corporate America is daily faced with more job cuts, downsizing and thousands of new job seekers.  How can you stand out from the crowd?  How can you find success, financial stability and happiness in such a competitive global marketplace?  Well, after researching hundreds of books on this topic, we have chosen one of the best to offer to you to read.  We, at Fresh Lifestyle Magazine are honored to announce “Strike A Pose, 7 Red Carpet Strategies Every Entrepreneurial Woman MUST HAVE To Position Her Brand with Style and on Purpose” by LaTanya Orr as a recipient of our 2017 Book Award Contest.  This book was chosen because it contains cutting edge strategies on how to brand yourself and achieve tremendous success in todays economic environment.

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Just like today’s celebrities must rock the Hollywood catwalk, business women – entrepreneurial  women- must “Strike A Pose” in front of the velvet rope of the global marketplace.  Through Hollywood inspiration, “Strike A Pose” shows you, scene by scene, how to immerse yourself in everything you need to glam your brand – personally and professionally!  Each chapter “scene” features the hottest strategies to position your brand with style and on purpose.

“Strike A Pose” is a must have treasure for every female leader and entrepreneur desiring to shine.  The book is very captivating and grabs your attention.  LaTanya shares a wealth of professional and spiritual insights from business, marketing and the design world to the readers in a very stylistic way that shines with brilliance.  LaTanya states, “It’s up to you to take charge and position your brand.  A brand that speaks volumes about you, your product and your worth translates into value.”  She teaches on the topics of workplace winning, positioning yourself to win, and career iconic power. People buy brands they trust, connect with or are inspired by.  A compelling, engaging read that walks you through seven strategies for brand success with real life iconic star examples.  As a leader in helping clients position their brands within the marketplace, she has written a play by play of what it takes to have the “it” factor that sets you apart.

The book, “Strike A Pose” gives you detailed information on : your appearance, speech, manners, spiritual insights, website designs, branding materials, goal setting and so much more.  Time management, relaxation, having a mentor and reading and educating yourself are also key elements to success.  If you are thinking about creating or updating your brand image or style then this book is a must read for you!

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What are others saying about the book, “Strike A Pose”:

“Bravo! Strike a Pose is an encouraging guide to creating a  brand that’s profitable, sustainable and most importantly on purpose!  LaTanya Orr masterfully, offers proven strategies, principles and practices required to position your brand globally.  LaTanya helps us understand, if you’re not branding yourself, you can be sure others will do it for you.  Mind your brand and watch it grow!”

-Ken Brown, International Business Coach/Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author of “A Leap of Faith”

“LaTanya has penned a powerfully practical tool that will assist every reader in his or her quest to trademark their image.  In this labor of love and obvious sacrifice of praise and worship, LaTanya shares golden branding nuggets from her lifelong journey of maintaining both inner and outer beauty, all while paying homage to our God and King.  This work is a must have resource!”

-Dr. Beverly Alexander, First Lady and Assistant Pastor, New Light Family Christian Center, Farmington Hills, MI

“Strike A Pose” is the Branding Bible for women entrepreneurs and every business woman should have it by her side. These red carpet strategies are fresh, savvy and perfect for rocking your brand with style and on purpose.  Don’t do business with it!”

-Jocelyn Giangrande, MA, SPHR, CCDP, Career expert, Coach and Author of “What’s In Your Sandwich”, The Confident Woman Book Series

As a self-confirmed fashionista, LaTanya Orr learned early on from the Mothers in her life, that image is indeed everything!  On Easter Sunday at the tender age of three, she donned a Jacqueline Kennedy inspired coat, complete with a purse and white gloves!  So you see, she had no choice but to go from age three to 45 in style.  LaTanya didn’t realize at the time, that her Mothers set her up to rock the “red carpet” even before it was the thing to do!  LaTanya says “Throughout my professional career, I’ve strategically positioned my clients’ brands to go beyond “just pretty”.

In true Hollywood Fashion, “Strike A Pose” shows you, scene by scene how to immerse yourself in everything you need to glam your brand – personally and professionally.  Each chapter – scene- features the “hottest” strategies to position your brand with style and on purpose.

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About the Author:

Award winning designer, brand strategist and visual business growth expert, LaTanya Orr has provided creative and strategic “makeovers” for corporate, academic, civic and nonprofit institutions throughout the US and abroad.  Her tenacious resolve has fanned the flame for nearly two decades as an entrepreneur.  When she’s not creating or strategizing brand concepts as CEO of Selah XL, she hosts social gatherings through her women’s business network – Lady ‘Trep.  LaTanya holds a BA in Social Psychology from the University of Michigan and an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from Davenport University.  “Strike A Pose” is LaTanya’s debut book release.


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