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Book Award – My Lamb Finds His Song

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It all began with Emily Dickinson’s poem, “If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain; If I can ease one life the aching, Or cool one pain, Or help one fainting robin Unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain.” These famous words set the tone for author Christine Bowen’s life.

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Christine Bowen has successfully achieved bringing inspiration to young and old alike, with the debut of her first children’s book, and the Fresh Lifestyle Magazine, 2017 Best Book Award recipient, My Lamb Finds His Song. This book is a delightful tale of a curious lamb who ventures through the glorious meadow looking for his own, unique song of life. He recognizes and appreciates all the beautiful qualities of the many animals he comes to meet on his journey. He admires their melodious songs, each one so unique and different from the other. He sees that very beauty resonating through the meadow, making it a more fascinating and blissful place. His love lifts up every creature, large and small, that he meets, as he celebrates their songs and the blessings that they bring. In the end, My Lamb discovers that his song was never to be found in the meadow, but in some place much closer.

My Lamb is a colorful and youthful representation of the life of author Christine Bowen. She has thoughtfully interwoven her heart into the existence of the My Lamb character, demonstrating to the youth – as well as the young at heart – that love is indeed enough. The scars that My Lamb bears speak of the scars that we all bear in life at the hands of a world that beats and bruises us all. However, true, genuine love can never be silenced. Love speaks into the wind and travels through the meadow of our lives, singing a song for all to hear.

Christine Bowen has been busy on a year-long library tour with the My Lamb Finds His Song book, using her lively and charming personality to intertwine the concept of the book with the lives of the many children and adults who attend, bringing to life My Lamb and his quest to find his song.

“The inspiration in writing the My Lamb Book Series was to reach out to the young and old with positive thoughts and hopes,” says Christine. “To reach out with respect, with joy, and with love.” One reader who has traveled the journey of My Lamb, wrote to the author and stated, “My Lamb is a refreshing look into our hearts, without expectations, just unconditional love. Thanks Christine Bowen for sharing this story.”

Christine recently released the second book of the My Lamb series titled, My Lamb’s Journey: Angel Wings. This is a book showing how we can, and should, serve others, which as the author says, “is the result in one’s life once they have found their song.” The new book has joined My Lamb Finds His Song on Christine’s Library Tour. The My Lamb Book Series is growing not only in books, but in the hearts of those who come to love My Lamb.

Christine is an inspirational author. She has written five other books including, Be The Storm: An Inspirational Journey, and the 2014 East African Gospel Book of The Year Inside The Wind: A Portrait Of The Heart. Christine has also written a family-growing book called, Rockin’ The Recipes with Chris: More Than A Cookbook, and her latest release Coloring Outside the Lines: Where Masterpieces Are Created, which is available in paperback and on Kindle. She has also written a Coloring Outside the Lines Workbook. Christine is on the cusp of releasing another workbook titled Coloring Outside the Lines For Kids. She is currently working on book number eight to be titled Into Time. When Christine is not sitting in her author’s chair, she can be found bringing her inspiration to the world by holding workshops on the Coloring Outside the Lines Workbook, teaching many how to overcome what holds them back, as well as how to color in the imagination of God. “If we see ourselves in God’s imagination, we see love, because love resides beyond the walls of our imagination,” Christine says.

Christine is a motivational speaker. Her books are used as a healing tool for counseling centers. The Coloring Outside the Lines Art Therapy that she brings to the masses has been very successful in helping individuals identify their weaknesses, all the while teaching them how to overcome those weaknesses with their strengths. The goal is to teach in a thought and concept, and allow the appearance that follows to be the enlightenment.

Christine is a published professional photographer. She is also a poet, and has had many of her works published. She is a lyricist as well, having written the lyrics for the Multi Award-Winning rock band, True Witness’s, three albums: Origins, Once In Time, and Send Me. She has also completed the lyrics to the bands fourth, and up-coming album, So Much More.

Christine considers that it takes one drop of water to make an ocean, one grain of sand to begin a shoreline, and one person to change the world. Christine’s goal is that in her books would be the one word that one soul might need to heal the brokenness, to recover the loss, to overcome the pain, to become whole, to hope, to feel the strength of faith, and to know that they are loved. Christine lives in hope. She says it herself, “It’s all about unifying a divided world, and healing the pain of the past. Love is enough.”

Christine resides in Atlanta with her husband, five children, four grandchildren, and three puppies. You can learn more about author Christine Bowen at There you will find links to all of her social media and her blog.

If you’re looking for encouragement, hope, and motivation, pick up one of Christine Bowen’s books, and be inspired.

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