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Book Award – “Every Beat of My Heart”

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Alright my Fresh Lifestylers, I have another Book Award winner for you all to recognize! Congratulations to Barbra Gentry Pugh, for her outstanding book, “Every Beat of My Heart”! Barbra is an international certified holistic life coach who has already received a PWN International Literary Award for this book. As a life coach, she shares prescriptions of the physical, emotional, and spiritual blockage that hinders the source of life which flows from the heartbeat of God.

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            Every Beat of My Heart” represents the culmination thus far of Barbra’s journey to spiritual truth. It tells of the gripping anger, sleepless nights, and a quest for answers to the questions that turmoil can bring; such as losing a loved one. Readers will be assisted as they go along the journey to peace and assurance. It was Barbra’s desire, when creating this book, to share how the heart correlates to deep spiritual truths about life, relationships, and God’s undying love. You’re then taken on your own spiritual journey, as you come to find the diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis that can help you keep your heart flowing freely and functioning as God designed. “Every Beat of My Heart” is filled with over 35 years of valuable nursing experiences, research, and data. As someone who has experienced, first-hand, the pain that the loss of a close loved one can bring, Barbra also shares her own personal life and ministry experiences. This book is for men and women of all ages who desire a deeper understanding of the physical heart and how it correlates with the spiritual issues of life as well as those who are struggling and in need of healing, redemption, and restoration. It is important to understand how physical symptoms can have a spiritual trigger and how physical recovery requires more than just treating the body. Rather complete and whole healing resonates by treating the mind and spirit along with the physical. Those in need of that better understanding need to purchase this highly spiritual and inspirational book.

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Barbra with Mrs. Michigan USA – “Heart Expressions with Barbra” You Tube Show



            Barbra G. Pugh was inspired to write this book over 35 years ago, while she was working as the director of education at a hospital in Lubbock, Texas. There, she was able to make a direct correlation between the physical and spiritual heart. She found that when there is a blockage in the physical heart obstructing adequate blood flow to the heart, the same concept exists in the spiritual heart when there is a blockage of bitterness, anger, jealousy, and other issues that hinder the source of God’s peace and joy in our hearts. She then teamed up with her brother, Michael Gentry, who ended up being a co-author of the core chapter of the book. It was not until the untimely and must unfortunate death of her husband, Robert, who suffered a massive heart. This led Pugh to finally put the words down on paper. After going through a period of much pain and suffering due to her tough loss, she was able to see that the hand of God was offering her validation and authenticity to this project. What makes this book so relevant and inspirational is the fact that the very topic of the physical heart is what Barbra lost her husband to.

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            Barbra has co-authored seven books with The Professional Woman Network, and is the founder and CEO of Heart Expressions Ministries, LLC. A faith-based ministry devoted to reaching the heart of women one beat at a time, to live lives expressing the heartbeat of God. She holds a B.A. in Human Services from the University of Detroit and a Master degree in Christian Education from Michigan Theological Seminary. As a certified biblical counselor, and registered nurse with over 40 years of experience, Barbra uniquely blends her professional and personal experiences, loss, scripture, and prayer to inspire the mind, heal the body, and renew the spirit. Touching the hearts of everyone she speaks to, Barbra is an inspiration, and has truly put together a great book, in Every Beat of My Heart”!

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Check out these testimonials!


“Every Beat of My Heart, by Barbra Gentry Pugh and Michael E. Gentry, takes you into God’s operating room for Christ’s healing heart surgery. This unique book uses the metaphor of the physical heart, coupled with biblical reflections, to provide a comprehensive and compassionate “heart exam” for every reader. Each relevant, biblical chapter is also highlighted by a “Lessons Learned” section that summarized the chapter, and by a “Prayer Time” section that applies truth to life.”

            Robert W. Kellemen, Ph.D., VP of Institutional Development and Chair of the Biblical Counseling and Equipping Department, Crossroads Bible College.


“An awesome and compelling read, “Every Beat of My Heart” guides the reader, through their own physical and spiritual “heart” discovery, with wisdom and godly insight. In this book, you’ll uncover the spiritual issues that block the flow of God in your life. Barbra shines light on the path that you should take so you may truly live the life the Lord has predestined for you with every deliberate and intentional beat of your heart.”

            -LaTanya Orr Award-winning Brand Strategist/Visual Business Expert/Author


“I stand in awe of this author’s vision of the heart, her honesty, courage, and determination. Barbra Gentry Pugh provides such an impressive sense of the heart. All readers, no matter what their experience will find much stimulation of their thinking in this book. “every Beat of My Heart” has a direct pulse and understanding on the natural and spiritual function of the heart. Never in all my reading have I come across a book that encompasses healing and transformation on all levels; “grief, emotional pain, forgiveness , adversity, victory, and restoration.” Readers will not only have a transforming experience after this book, but they will recognize and effectively resolve the issues of life that flow from the heart. I am enlightened by her gentle voice both as a writer and teacher.”

            Veryl Williams Ph.D., LMSW, Founder/Executive Director Bridges R.E.S.P.I.T.E. Services, PLLC

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To hear more from Barbra Gentry Pugh, give her a call or send her an email to check for her availability as your next keynote speaker!

            (248) 521-0197


You can purchase her book at this link below!


To see more of Barbra Gentry Pugh, visit her website and social media pages here:




            Instagram: @barbragpa

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            Linkedin: barbra-gentry-pugh

YouTube Shows:

            Heart expressions with Barbra”

            The Barbra Gentry Pugh Show”


Congratulations, again, to Barbra Gentry Pugh for being a winner in our 2017 Book Awards! Go and buy her book, now!

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