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BOOK AWARD – Beyond The Gate

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“Our words are determined by our fears. And our fears determine our actions.”

This is the catchphrase – the epiphany – of the Fresh Lifestyle Magazine, 2017 Best Book Award recipient, “Beyond The Gate”. Author Daniel T. Adams has launched an explosive debut novel that ties character development of the human condition into a tapestry of inspiration and psychological thriller. According to one reader, “The character development is so deep that I have never read anything like this before. Move over Stephen King and Ted Dekker.”

daniel t adams book

This is not your typical book of wildflowers and happy endings. When someone sits down to read the novel, Beyond the Gate, they should expect a twisted journey through a plot of dark circumstances and sinister characters. Beyond The Gate fits into a genre of novel that the author likes to call, an Inspirational Thriller.

“Beyond The Gate is a riveting thriller of deception, secrets, intrigue, and the challenges of overcoming what torments and chains us in life,” said Christine Bowen, author of the Award-Winning book, Inside the Wind. Daniel T. Adams adds, “It is dark. It is honest. It is life.”

There were many factors that went into selecting Beyond The Gate as an honoree of this award: From the eye-catching cover artwork, to the heart of the author who seeks to inspire others through his brand of literary fiction. Even the synopsis of the book does this compelling story justice:

“In the aftermath of a debilitating accident, horror novelist Clyde Baker rents a house in his hometown of Bridgeton, New York in a rage-filled attempt to isolate himself from any and everyone from his past — his Shadow Life. With only the companionship of his dog, Spock to help maintain his sanity, Clyde is startled by an awkward, elderly man who wanders the unused acreage of the old estate in the foggy hours of the early morning. The mystery that shrouds the Walking Man leads Clyde stumbling into the history of the Sugar Hill Farms Estate, stirring up a series of evil that has long been forgotten. But when the fears of his past — the iconic foundations of his two successful novels — manifest into his world of solitude, Clyde is faced with the choice of overcoming his past or being overtaken by it.

Daniel T. Adams began writing as a child, always with a desire for storytelling. Although he didn’t know it at the time, his stories would soon take on darker plots with sinister characters at the helm. After being abandoned by his family as a teen, Daniel discovered the true meaning of love; the unconditional love of God and of his savior, Jesus Christ. He found hope and purpose for the first time in his life, and began pursuing his true life’s passion: To spread the same love to the world.

Joining the rock band, True Witness (, Daniel discovered the joys of sharing truth and love with others. He observed the connection that the songs made with people and the impact that the lyrics could have on the world. It inspired him to want to begin writing again. And so he did. While on the road with the band, he took the quite hours to begin penning what would eventually become his debut novel, Beyond The Gate. From there, Daniel T. Adams knew that his works of fiction were to be more than just entertaining reads. In understanding this, the author launched his website at with the catchphrase, “Presenting Facts Through Fiction”. Not only is his website the best place to connect with the author, but it is also a place to view his current video blog, chronicling the writing process of his next novel, “Imperceptible” which is going to be the first book in a 4-book, Young Adult series.

“My inspiration for writing this novel was to examine the human condition and understand the two types of people that exist in the world: Givers and Takers,” said Daniel. “My hope was to inspire people to read the book and examine their life, seeking to understand if they are a Taker (one who validates the fear and wickedness in life for self-gratification) or a Giver (those who will overcome the fears of life and give of themselves as they have been so freely given to).

All-in-all, if you are looking for a new book to dive into and get lost within, I highly recommend visiting the website of author Daniel T. Adams ( and getting a copy of Beyond The Gate today. It is available in paperback and for Kindle. But be warned, it might just change your outlook on life.

daniel t adams book

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