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Have you heard the news?!  BONVERA, launched in March of this year, is all over social media and sweeping the nation!  Thousands have joined what we call the “Compensated Marketplace”.  In our first 2-½ days, we did more revenue than Amazon did in their first year and we’re just getting started!  Shopping comes at a cost – that’s as basic as everyday economics can get.  So how could anyone conceive of making shopping a profitable activity? Bonvera revolutionizes online shopping by helping you turn people’s everyday spending into everyday earning.

What is Bonvera?  

It’s simple!  Bonvera is a business for the masses: a company that offers everyday products and services that people want and need, delivered to their front door!   Everyday products such as laundry detergent, toothpaste, room freshener, deodorant, razors, soap, dishwashing detergent, ziploc bags, etc. How about food items such as energy drinks, protein powder, beef jerky, crackers, chips, gum, mints, and candy.  Through our partnerships with many familiar companies (SC Johnson, Proctor & Gamble,, Walmart,com, there isn’t much you can’t find on Bonvera!  Products are being added weekly along with additional partners/affiliates.  We have even created our own private-label brand of products!

Why Bonvera?  

We are in a sweet spot right now, capitalizing on the benefits and convenience of online shopping.  Black Friday will become a thing of the past, where Cyber Monday is here to stay.  Bonvera takes advantage of this trend.  We are the next generation of E-Commerce!  Today, millions of dollars are spent each day online, for commodities that ten years ago were only bought in the local supermarket.  American consumers have figured out that it’s easier to order your breakfast cereals or laundry detergent or toothpaste online, rather than spending time and money driving to a store.  You can take advantage of the convenience and competitive pricing of our marketplace as either a customer or as a preferred customer or what we call a Smart Shopper.  Smart Shoppers pay $20 a year and are able to take advantage of our wholesale pricing on qualifying products.



How can you benefit from a Bonvera business?

Many people are looking for additional streams of income or more time in their life. Bonvera is a business that allows you to have one or the other, or both!  Online shopping is the way of the future and what better way to capitalize on it by owning your own business, buying everyday products and services from yourself and getting paid to do it! Bonvera gives you the opportunity to become an entrepreneur, leveraging systems (mentoring from those who have had success), and distribution to create an income based on your effort, and your will to succeed.  Expect a level playing field rewarding courage and perseverance in a marketplace hungry for innovation and convenience. Social shopping represents the future and you should participate in this massive shift in commerce. You can ride the wave of something great later or join us now and be part of the team that is shaping the future of internet business!

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