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It is truly a joy to present Fresh Lifestyle Magazine’s Outstanding Business Award to Body Essentials Aromatherapy, owned by husband and wife team Walt and Marie Eatman. I had the pleasure of meeting this very kind, knowledgeable couple a few weeks ago at the Windermere Farmer’s Market in the Orlando, Florida area. It was evident to me immediately that this wonderful couple’s all natural, plant based, environmentally friendly and cruelty free bath and body care products are effective, nourishing, healing and very worthy of receiving this distinguished award.

However, what impressed me the most about Walt and Marie reminded me of what I cherish the most about having had the invaluable honor to work with my own father, Tony, in the air pollution control businesses he started decades ago. My dad was an off the chart entrepreneurial, smart, witty, driven industrial engineer, which undoubtedly contributed to his success. Time and time again, however, there is one quality I loved seeing first hand in my father that demonstrated above all else why suppliers, customers and employees chose to work with him. THEY LIKED AND TRUSTED HIM.

I liked and trusted Walt and Marie the moment I met them. They took the time to show me their diverse product line and answered all of my questions. (I’m kind of a detail girl.) I enjoyed learning about their body butters, sugar scrubs, facial serums, spa bath soaks, lip balms, all natural insect repellant, beard oil, aromatherapy rollerballs and more! There was simply an unspoken likeability and trust I felt when getting to know them and their business. In case you are wondering, my favorite product I ended up buying is the Bug Bite Salve and More, perfect for bug bites, burns and scrapes for my family/friends.

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Not surprisingly, I noticed on Walt and Marie’s @BodyEssentialsAromatherapy Facebook page that every single person who reviewed them and their business awarded them a 5 star rating!!

A Facebook review from Zoie mentioned that “Walt was the definition of great customer service. So sweet and kind. I had no intention of actually buying but I had to after the level of his service and I’m so glad I did! I ended up with the Lavender Body Oil and is been a staple for me since then…” Another Facebook member, Emily, wrote that her boyfriend has bad eczema and psoriasis every now and then, and the grapefruit sugar scrub and cream has helped his skin to heal and feel better.

I asked Marie what makes Body Essentials Aromatherapy unique and special? She stated:


All of our products are handcrafted with the utmost of care and love.  We are a husband and wife team that use only the finest ingredients, predominately organic or wildcrafted. We stand by what we say is in our products, how they are produced and have done the research to know what each ingredient is and why it is beneficial. An example is our sugar scrubs, they are not simply sugar and oil. Sugar was selected as it is an excellent exfoliator without being too abrasive. And they are formulated to exfoliate, moisturize and not leave you feeling oily! After using raw shea butter and finding how wonderful it is, we started doing research. And we found that most of the mainstream products out there were full of chemicals, petroleum by-products and a lot of fillers that do absolutely nothing for you! Essential oils were a natural synergy with the ingredients we found for both their aromatherapy benefits and skin benefits.

Walt and Marie come with a combined 40 years in hotel management, which Marie said gives them the skills to research thoroughly our ingredients and to run a sound business. She has invested hundreds of hours researching all of their ingredients.

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Marie mentioned that their target audience is typically men and women ages 35-65 who want a cleaner, beneficial product for themselves or their children. Their customers also like products that are environmentally friendly, not washing chemicals into our water supply and are in recyclable packaging. Their company website states that they do not use any parabens, alcohols, phthalates, sulfates or petroleum. Instead, they use earth friendly, natural ingredients such as oils, butters, oatmeal, clay, herbs, organic sugar, beeswax, etc. Body Essentials Aromatherapy products are fair trade and cruelty-free as the company is part of PETA’s “Beauty Without Bunnies” program.

Website Facebook  Instagram Blog  Email: Cell/text 407-375-1765

Congrats again to Walt and Marie at Body Essentials Aromatherapy for your wonderful bath and body products, your hard work and dedication to your customers and your kindness to all!!


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Happy Times and Healthy Living!



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