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Author Interview: Lando Success

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There are times in our lives when our paths cross with people who leave an indelible mark. Such is the case here. It pleases me immensely to introduce you to a remarkable young man who, in his own way, is set to take this world by storm. I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with debut author Lando Success. Read on to learn more about him and the journey leading up to the release of his book, Against All Odds.

TPC: I’ve known you a lot of years and during that time, I have seen you consistently striving to be the best version of yourself. Even when results were not in line with your vision, you did not let that deter you. It has been your practice to read, to learn, to grow, and not be afraid to reinvent yourself, if necessary. Where does that motivation come from?

LS:A lot of my motivation comes from having thick skin. Years of doing network marketing molded me to handle rejection. Reading the right books help to keep me with a positive attitude. 

TPC: You make a living as a flight attendant for a major airline. This is certainly not a career choice we hear about every day for a young, black man in America. Tell us about your decision to pursue that career path.

LS:It first was a no brainer to me. Traveling the world, having multiple women in different areas codes, and all while getting paid for it, who wouldn’t love that? I just didn’t focus on all the negative stereotypes that came with it. I know who I am and I’m okay with being misunderstood.

TPC: Your first book, Against All Odds, a memoir, has recently been released. That has to be such an exciting time for you. What was your inspiration to write the book?

LS:In school I hated writing. In fact, even now I have to force myself to write. But after the tenth time I was denied the opportunity to work as a flight attendant, I felt this was a story that people need to hear and they can learn from it. I actually started writing this book way before I became a flight attendant. I was so disgusted with getting rejected, I told myself instead of speaking it into existence to just be bold enough to write it into existence. It gives me chills just thinking about it.

TPC: In your own words, without revealing too much of your story, what is your book about?

LS:It’s about me as a young man raised in the inner city, not really knowing my next step in life. I decided to become a flight attendant, but got obsessed with the industry as I continued to get denied. So it’s all about my process, while also adding in real life family situations, dealing with woman, deaths in the family, friends, etc.  

TPC: What do you want readers to glean from your book?

LS:It’s cliché to say never give up and you can do anything you put your mind to, because in some cases that’s false. I want people to learn no matter what God will put obstacles in your way to see how bad you want it, but still give you the resources to still achieve it. No matter what a person’s situation, whether they are rich, poor, black, or white, if there’s a will there’s a way to achieve their goals.

TPC: What has been the most difficult part of your journey leading up to this point? What have you learned from it?

LS:The most difficult part is actually writing this book. Hell, some people can write a book in months, it took me 7 years. For those who never dreamed they can write a book, if I can do it all while writing from an iPad or my phone on the plane, then anybody can do the same. Never underestimate your abilities. 

TPC: Life happens to the best of us. How do you keep yourself motivated during the times when it seems everything is going the complete opposite of what you desire?

LS:Without self-development I wouldn’t be half the man I am today. I read positive books or listen to positive audios daily. Hearing other’s stories how they came from nothing to something always keep me motivated.

TPC: What advice would you give to the person with dreams deferred, who has the drive, but maybe not the support needed to go to the next level?

LS:Find a mentor, I repeat FIND A MENTOR. It doesn’t have to be a person that you know personally. Hell, my favorite mentor is Jim Rohn. I never met him and he is no longer living, but the books, videos and advice he left I use daily. Don’t make things so hard on yourself by trying to figure this thing called life out alone. Reach out to people that had success in the area you’re focusing on and learn from them. Majority of people are more than willing to help you, as long as you’re serious.

TPC: Is there anything in particular you would like the readers to know about you that may not be revealed in the book or that may not be blatantly obvious in this interview?

LS:I’m a fun-loving and goofy person, who likes to have a good time. My friend told me the other day the things I get done in 24 hours it takes most people a week to achieve. Most people don’t see how hard I work on myself and my goals daily, because it can get lost with me showing the image of fun, laughing, partying, etc. The book is of the person I was seven years ago. I’m the same, but at the same time a whole different person, as I continue to grow mentally and spiritually.

TPC: In addition to working as a flight attendant, and now being an author, you are also a motivational speaker. How can our readers connect with you and book your next speaking engagement?

LS:I can be reached on all social media platforms, including YouTube, under the name LandoSuccess. I’d love to speak at your next event, so contact me and we can make it happen!

It has certainly been a pleasure chatting with you today. Your drive and determination to create the life you want is such an inspiration. We wish you much success on the release of your book and with continuing to build your personal brand.

Against All Odds (Inkscriptions Publishing) is available wherever books are sold.  Be sure to show this trailblazer lots of support!

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Interviewed by Tumika Patrice Cain

Tumika Patrice Cain is an award-winning author, media personality, and motivational speaker. Through her imprint, Inkscriptions Publishing & Media Group, she provides high quality, affordable, mentor-based publishing services to indie authors, as well as inspired, empowering messages of hope and abundance through her media outlets. Her works can be found in many publications, including Fresh Lifestyle Magazine. To learn more about Tumika, her books, and her services visit the following websites. and

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