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April Showers Bring May Flowers

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In a manner of speaking, we are all gardeners in some way.  We plant things with our thoughts, plant things with our intensions and we plant things with every step we take.  Whether we choose to dig into the earth to plant fruits and vegetables or not, we are all planting something – all the time.  The seeds we plant start with our consciousness, which determines our perception; and how we see a given situation, dictates our sensation, which drives how we feel about that situation and in turn, dictates our reaction, which ultimately dictates our life.   In other words:   Attitude is everything!  How we do one thing in our lives is likely how we do everything.   Our intension therefore shapes our destiny.

For one hour today, I challenge you to try and be mindful of every step you take and seed you plant.  Decide what you want to leave behind.  Feel the four corners of your feet truly engage the earth.  Determine the seeds you are planting to be that of love; in abundance.   Witness subsequently the growth of love all around you.  When you look at the people and animals around you, know that they are on your side, that they are on your team, that they love you and want the best for you.  For that one hour, consciously plant the seeds that you want to see grow in your life.  Every good thing comes from love, so watch your surroundings, cultivate lasting friendships, make mindful choices with your best interest at the forefront. And perhaps the other steps you take after that hour will have a lasting effect on not only you, but everyone who enjoys what you decide to grow.  Your attitude provides the water for growth.  What’s in YOUR garden? 

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